Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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‘Serial’ murder suspect Adnan Syed ‘delighted’ after release from prison

Adnan Syed was “delighted” after prosecutors dropped charges against him for a homicide he has long maintained he did not commit, his lawyer said at a press conference on Tuesday.

Syed, the subject of the hit podcast Serial, was sentenced for the 1999 death of his former girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. He served 23 years of a life sentence before his release last month.

On Tuesday, news broke that prosecutors had dropped charges against the 41-year-old after DNA tests effectively cleared him.

Syed’s defense attorney, Erica Suter, said Pleasemynews that his client experiences a range of emotions.

“He’s thrilled. He’s happy. He’s still processing that,” Suter said. “There’s been so many ups and downs over the past 23 years, so he’s really absorbing it all. But he’s incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported him and believed in him over the years.”

When asked if attention Serial brought to the case helped get Syed released, Suter agreed it served to “educate the public”. Podcast host Sarah Koenig was also present at the virtual presser.

“It brought to light a wrongdoing that happened to Adnan, but is happening to defendants across the country, and it’s something we at the Innocence Project and the Office of the Public Defender know very well.” , Suter said. Pleasemynews. “This type of violation is not unusual, and being able to show it to the public is something that I think is valuable for Adnan, for other defendants in the same situation and for the general public to know. .”

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