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Season 31 Contestant Makes Surprising Confession About DWTS

“Dancing With the Stars” season 31 contestant Jessie James Decker made a rather surprising confession about being on the show — she actually thought it was going to be easier than it is.

Read on to find out what else she revealed about her time on “Dancing With the Stars” in a new interview:

Often “Dancing With the Stars” contestants think the show turns out to be harder than they thought. Just this week on “Good Morning America” ​​on Oct. 11, host Michael Strahan said during Sam Champion and Cheryl Burke’s exit interview that every NFL player he spoke to who appeared on the show said this is it. hardest thing they’ve ever had. ever did – and they play professional football.

But current season 31 contestant, country singer Jessie James Decker, told Fox News in a new interview that she feels like she’s been struggling a bit because she thought the show would be easier, even though she didn’t mind the challenge. finds.

“It was a nice challenge, but I don’t have a dance background. I’ve never taken dance lessons. And so I really feel like I’ve been fish in water trying to figure out what all this means, like certain footwork and certain techniques. Like I really have no idea what I’m doing. And I think I thought it would be easier,” the singer said.

But she went on to say that she enjoys the improvement she sees every week and is learning to discover a side of her that she’s never explored before — but she did admit she’s a little mad at her “little girl self.” because she hasn’t taken any dance lessons.

“I realize every day that I have breakthrough moments where I feel like I’m starting to absorb some of the information. But it’s so much harder than you think,” Decker says. “I’m like, mad at my little girl herself for not taking dance lessons to at least have an idea of ​​what the hell I’m doing. But you know what? I learn as fast as I humanly can. And I know that when I look back, this will be an experience that I will cherish, because this is so unique, so much fun, and it’s a side of me that I’ve never explored.”

In June 2022, Decker shared an emotional Instagram post revealing that she struggles with body image issues and is disappointed that her career has not gone the way she wanted.

Decker wrote:

In her interview with Fox News, Decker said continuing with “Dancing With the Stars” has been a big step on her “therapy journey” toward improving mental health.

“This has been part of my therapy journey to get myself to do something I’m afraid of and dance in front of millions and millions of people doing something I’ve never done before,” Decker said. “Having my body painted gold from head to toe. I definitely had moments where I thought, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe I’m doing this.’ But I feel like I just got a new take on being in this entertainment business by going ‘You know what, I’m in it, and I’m going to push myself, and I won’t be afraid anymore, and I’ll be strong , and I will have that attitude every day. And it makes me feel better every day.”

“Dancing With the Stars” airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern and 5 p.m. Pacific time on Disney Plus.

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