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Scandal of the Nazi salute | Raid on Melanie Müller – house stormed

On Thursday morning, police broke into Melanie Müller’s home in Leipzig. The prosecutor confirmed this.

His Hitler greeting at a concert has consequences: Melanie Müller’s home, a converted former railway station in Leipzig-Wahren, was raided. “These are two procedures in relation to the videos that have emerged,” confirmed Vanessa Fink, spokeswoman for the Leipzig prosecutor’s office when asked by the newspaper “Bild”.

It was already clear that state security was investigating the matter. Police spokeswoman Marielle Koeckeritz said in late September, shortly after the outbreak of the scandal: “All available recordings of the evening were analyzed by state security and the people involved were interrogated.”

Here’s what the footage is about: A 25-second video will go round on September 26th.

Melanie Müller is on stage surrounded by men. As the musician performs her songs, the audience in the crowd shouts “Sieg Heil” and she raises her arm in Hitler’s salute. Then the short clip ends. A short time later, another video appears – and it is precisely this that weighs heavily on the singer. Because it shows how the singer herself raises her arm. You will find more information here.

Now the police and prosecutors have stormed the 34-year-old’s home looking for evidence. As the “Bild” writes, the access was made on Thursday in the early hours of the morning around 5 in the morning. Leipzig police confirmed the use of t-online on request.

Melanie Müller recently had her last public appearances in Mallorca. It is unlikely that you were in the house at the time of the search. But her partner Andreas Kunz was there. She says in the tabloid report: “The dog hit, woke me up and then the police officers were already standing in front of me.” Storage media were then searched, the evidence was secured.

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