Tuesday, December 6, 2022

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Roxy Jacenko reveals she doesn’t carry her Hermès Birkin bags

Known for her love of designer accessories, she owns more than 30 Hermès Birkin bags.

But Roxy Jacenko has admitted that she doesn’t actually use or wear any of the Birkins she owns.

During an interview with One Life Club, the 42-year-old PR queen revealed she likes buying the designer bags because “she wants what she can’t have”.

“Nobody can get it, and what I can’t get is what I want. I don’t use them,’ Roxy admitted.

“The harder it is, the more I want it. It was a sense of accomplishment. Nobody thought I could [buy one] and I proved them wrong.’

Roxy’s Birkin handbag collection is valued at a whopping $1 million.

Her collection includes Hermès mini Kelly bags—one in pink and one in black—that cost around $11,800 each.

Roxy’s Hermès collection also includes the ultra-rare crocodile-skin Birkin, which can cost as much as $435,000.

She previously gave a tour of her $6.5 million home on her short-lived reality show I Am…Roxy! back in 2019.

Showing off her handbag wardrobe, she explained: “People buy artwork for walls; I buy handbags!’

In addition to her handbag closet, Roxy’s luxury home features a walk-in wine cellar fully stocked with thousands of dollars worth of premium plonk.

The sleek, black space looks more like a liquor store, and features floor-to-ceiling shelves with rows of neatly organized bottles.

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