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‘Rick and Morty’ Season 6 Episode 3 End Explained: What Did the Wine Cabinet Mean?

Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 3 continued the series’ track record of entertaining, funny episodes this season. But quite a few fans are confused about the ending. What is the meaning of the closet Rick opened at the end?

This article contains spoilers for Season 6 Episode 3, “Bethic Twinstinct.”

At the very end of the episode, Rick put a bottle of wine back in a secret cabinet and then destroyed the remote. Ostensibly this was to ensure that he would never have access to the cabinet and its contents again.

On Reddit, viewers have quite a few theories about what that ending scene means. Most fans think it’s a more innocent statement, with Rick deciding to blame the wine for Beth and Space’s crush. .

Some viewers think Rick blames the wine for what happened and wants to make sure no one ever drinks that wine again.

Ksaraf23 wrote, “I assumed Rick got rid of the basement remote control because he was disgusted by what was happening, just like everyone else, and just being his Rick self by letting no one know that he cared as much as they did. “

Everydaygamer28 wrote: “He basically blamed everything on the wine, so he locked it up with the other drink and destroyed the remote in hopes this would never happen again.

Others note that the wine we saw was Venetian wine, which refers to Venus, the goddess of love. Maybe it was some kind of love part? However, if you watch the beginning of the episode, you’ll notice that Jerry and Rick also seemed to drink the wine during the toast. So it is hard to imagine that it is a real love potion wine.

But there is a darker theory circulating.

Redditor Huggdmd wrote:in previous seasons Rick has always tried to get rid of Jerry. When Jerry said he would kill himself if Beth left him, Rick saw this as an opportunity to get rid of him. Rick planted some love potion wine, knowing Beth likes to drink wine, hoping the Beths would hook up and make Jerry leave or kill himself. At the end of the episode, when Jerry says he learned something, Rick replies that he did. Rick learned that the Beth’s hookup wouldn’t get rid of Jerry, so he tosses the wine, knowing his plan didn’t work…

This is a pretty dark theory, and also assumes that Beth and Space Beth drank a wine that Rick and Jerry did not drink. I lean more towards the more innocent explanation myself.

However, the hidden cabinet could refer to the hidden refrigerator with the ice cream that Rick showed Beth earlier in the episode. He talked about having secrets while revealing the ice cream hidden in his secret fridge. Then Rick said that lies can pile up like credit card debt, and that you “keep an advantage by staying liquid.”

In that light, the hidden cabinet is another of Rick’s secrets and could refer to the idea that the wine somehow played a sinister role in the episode.

Further adding to the mystery is the cabinet’s other contents.

Not only did he keep the mystery wine there, but he also had a number of other unidentified items. In addition, there is a Meeseeks box and a bottle of liquid with a small Morty in it. (A bit like a worm in a tequila bottle maybe?)

Be that as it may, Rick sure has a lot of secrets. He is certainly not “liquid” as he advised Beth.

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