Sunday, September 25, 2022

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Richard Wilkins’ son Christian shares a childhood photo of him in a dress and heels:

Christian Wilkins has earned a reputation for defying gender stereotypes on the red carpet.

And on Wednesday, the 29-year-old actor and socialite posted a childhood throwback photo to Instagram, which captured him as a little boy dressing up and wearing a striped dress and heels.

Pictured is a young Wilkins, grinning from ear to ear and appearing to be curtsy for the camera.

It shows that Christian’s passion for fashion goes way back.

He captioned the snap: “She’s always liked a slip dress and heels.”

It comes weeks after Christian described the shocking online abuse he received for wearing a dress at the TV Week Logie Awards this year.

He told ABC’s Insight in August he received literally thousands of trolling comments after daring to wear a white backless dress on the red carpet.

‘Persons [were] tell me to OD [overdose], tell me I’m a disgrace. I was very surprised to find that the patriarchy was so weak that it could be destroyed with a piece of white silk,” he said.

The actor said he was genuinely shocked by the level of backlash over his outfit choice but hopes to inspire others to express their true identity.

He also credited his parents, Nine entertainment guru Richard Wilkins and his ex-partner Michelle Burke, for continually supporting his gender expression.

“As a kid, I always loved anything pink and glittery… I was never exactly encouraged to wear dresses. But my parents said if I wanted to, they would absolutely let me,” he explained.

Indeed, Christian’s father Richard praised his son for expressing his unique style at the Logies, writing on Instagram: “To anyone who dares to say that I am in any way ashamed of my son Christian’ ‘… for whatever reason… you’re wrong!’

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