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‘RHONJ’: Teresa Giudice shares why she may never reconcile with brother and sister-in-law Joe and Melissa Gorge

fans of The real housewives of New Jersey have followed the rollercoaster relationship between Teresa Giudice and her brother and sister-in-law Joe and Melissa Gorga. According to Giudice, the show ruined her family. Things are said to be even worse now than they were a decade ago when the Gorgas joined the show. Giudice has no hope that things will get better.

Things have been rocky between Giudice and the Gorgas for years, but they’ve always managed to fake the funk. Today, however, they are estranged. The Gorgas even skipped Giudice’s wedding to Luis Ruelas after a huge showdown during next season’s final taping.

It’s Melissa’s On the screen Podcast, the pair said it was time to put an end to the revolving toxicity between them and Giudice. Still, they’re sad that things are at this point. “I’m just shocked at the way I’m being treated by my own family, my blood,” Joe said on the podcast. “This is killing me. You have to live that kind of life every day.”

Fans are hoping they can finally reconcile, but Giudice says the chances are slim. “I value loyalty and respect very highly, and I feel like once you cross that line, it’s hard to come back from, especially when it’s happening on national television,” Giudice said in a recent interview with E! News. “I have friends who would never do some of the things my family did to me. When it’s family, it only hurts deeper. It is painful.”

Giudice has been on the show since season 1. She is the only original actress who stayed and never took a break. When she went to jail for a year, production was even halted until she came back. She says she would prefer her former co-stars to return because they had real bonds at the time.

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“I would love the first one, how we started, season one and season two,” she said in a recent interview with the reality with the king podcast. “When I said it [Carlos King]’I don’t want to fight with my family’ [it was] because I saw what was going on between Jacqueline [Laurita]dina [Manzo]and Caroline [Manzo]. It was about her family. And I said, ‘I don’t want what happens to them to happen to me,'” she noted, referring to the potential consequences Giudice would have with her own family.

As the last OG standing, she says she has no intention of leaving. “[I’m staying] until the end,” Giudice added. “No one will deter me. i started it I will finish it – as long as Bravo wants me.”

filming for RHONJ has already completed season 14. Giudice will also have a three-part wedding special that will air on Bravo after the season ends. During BravoCon 2022, due to the drama between the Guidice/Gorga family, the cast had to be split into different panels.

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