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RHOBH reunion: Garcelle Beauvais confirms ‘very low opinion’ of show newcomer Diana Jenkins

Garcelle Beauvais said she believes Diana Jenkins was behind the bots who targeted her 14-year-old son Jax on Wednesday during the first part of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills reunion on Bravo.

“Yeah I did, if I’m being honest I thought she was absolutely behind it,” said Garcelle, 55.

“Do you think I’d send that to Jax?” replied Diana, 48, who attended the reunion practically from her home.

“I did,” Garcelle said.

“You obviously have a very low opinion of me if you think I’m behind the bullying of a 14-year-old,” Diana said.

“Yes,” Garcelle said. .

Garcelle said Jax received a text message that said, “You’d have your neck on your knees if it wasn’t for your white daddy. Tell your mother to leave Diana alone, or you take care of us when he was with his father.

“He wrote ‘You’ve gone too far’ over the text and posted that,” Garcelle said. “He’s a 14-year-old boy. He gets this terrible news. He’s not thinking of letting me take Diana’s name out so she wouldn’t be involved. He put it out because he was scared. He’s had enough.’

Garcelle said Diana sent her a threatening message asking her to remove her name from the post.

“I asked her to take the name when we got death threats,” Diana said

Kyle Richards, 53, tried to intervene, explaining that she thought Diana wanted her to delete the post and repost it with her name.

“Are you kidding me,” Garcelle said. ‘You want me in the middle of me trying to protect my child, I have to come and save you all?’

“We’ve had death threats,” Diana said. “When threats are made in my country, they are actual threats.”

“Well, your threat was a real threat to me, too,” Garcelle said. “It was pretty much if anything happens to my family, I’ll come for you.”

Diana’s actual text read, “Believe me what I say, if anything happens to my children you will be held legally accountable and no Bravo contract will stop me.”

“A threat is a threat,” Garcelle said.

“No, Garcelle, a threat isn’t a threat,” Diana said. “I have a murder in my family. My family was murdered. Murder is murder, and if someone tells you they are going to stab your son or daughter with a knife, that is a threat. And it’s not a cease and desist. It’s very different when a lawyer calls you and when someone takes a gun and points it at you. I’m sorry there are different types of threats.’

Before specifically picking Diana, Garcelle told show host Andy Cohen, 54, she thought someone in the group was behind the attacks on her teenage son.

“I’m not sure if they would have said that, I think for me maybe buying the bots,” Garcelle said. “For me, I felt like there was a pattern to attacking my kids. For me it felt like I wasn’t wanted on this show so this was a way to get me out.

The first part of the three-part reunion began at the end of the recording with Kyle clearly upset.

“I don’t want to sit here for a toast,” Kyle said. ‘Can I go?’

“Doug, what do you want to do here?” said Andy. ‘Kyle is a wreck.’

Then it dived back to the start of the reunion taping.

The women sat on a set inspired by the Beverly Hills Hotel.

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