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‘RHOBH’: Melissa Etheridge and Lisa Rinna Were ‘Good Friends’ 20 Years Ago But Don’t Speak Anymore – ‘It Was Weird’

Singer Melissa Etheridge shared about her cameo appearance during a highly uncomfortable fight The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And made some pretty interesting comments about a past friendship with Lisa Rinna.

She was the special guest of Dorit and PK Kemsley who were scheduled to perform at their Homeless but not Toothless event. But (of course) a fight broke out during dinner, with Rinna angrily lashing out at the cast. To ease the tension in the room, Kemsley announced their “special guest” and Etheridge showed up to play “Come to My Window.” Her appearance and singing brightened the mood, but Etheridge said she could hear them fight. She’s also known Rinna for about 20 years, but said they strangely stopped speaking.

Etheridge has known Rinna for decades and said they stopped speaking. “I knew Rinna about 20 years ago,” Etheridge continued See what’s happening live with Andy Cohen. Host Andy Cohen then wondered if she was surprised by Rinna’s slam.

“That was me,” she said. “And we actually didn’t speak there. It was weird, it was a little bit weird. We were good friends about 20 years ago.”

Etheridge didn’t elaborate further on her friendship with Rinna or why they didn’t speak for some time. But she spilled over what she saw while waiting in wings for her performance. Etheridge could hear the struggle as she waited. Adding: “The dining table was below and I was above them. Like on this balcony. They couldn’t see me,” she said.

Etheridge said she waited quite a while to perform thanks to the fight. “I was there for at least half an hour,” she said. And despite the anger and struggle, Etheridge enjoyed performing and it didn’t affect her performance at the event.

But then she had a bit of a shadow around her hosts. Cohen asked Etheridge how long she’s known PK Kemsley, and she wouldn’t answer exactly, meaning she wasn’t in a long-term relationship with him. She also shared how much she knew about the Homeless but not Toothless charity. “Ever since they asked me to play for it,” she said as Cohen laughed.

Etheridge joked on Twitter that she was the Hell Fight Defuser dinner party. “I have a new calling!!” And while Etheridge’s appearance eased the tension in the room, it wasn’t Rinna’s only angry outburst since the death of her mother Lois this season.

Taking to Instagram shortly after her mother’s death, she admitted she was navigating murky waters with her loss. “No one tells you how to do it. You know there is no manual. There’s never a way to be ready to let go,” she said. “We’re just not taught that death is okay. It’s never talked about and we’re never told it’s okay to let go.”

Rinna continued, “It’s suddenly like a crash course when one of your loved ones is in this position, especially your mom or dad. And I have so much empathy for everyone who went through this.” Rinna’s mother died during filming RHOBA. She continued to struggle but was clearly struggling all season. The fight at Kemsley’s fundraiser was just the tip of the iceberg that led to the trip to Aspen.

Rinna claimed that Kathy Hilton made explosive and angry comments about the entire cast, particularly her sister Kyle Richards on camera. And clung to the shock of those remarks.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is on Wed at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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