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Rex Orange County calls Benny Sings “One of [His] Biggest Influences

Rex Orange County is the artist behind Loving Is Easy, who collaborated with Benny Sings on the 2017 release. Years later, Rex Orange County shared his appreciation for the musician, calling him one of his “greatest influences.”

Benny Sings is the artist behind “Rolled Up”, “Sunny Afternoon” and “Big Brown Eyes”. He created a cover of Drake’s “Passionfruit” and collaborated with Rex Orange County, Alex O’Connor’s stage name.

Benny Sings and Rex Orange County collaborated on Loving Is Easy, a track about finding the right person – those happy feelings then mirrored in the overall mood of the song. However, Rex Orange County was a fan of Benny Sings even before working with him.

“Honestly, he’s one of my biggest influences,” the artist said in an interview with Billboard. “I’m not sure there would be a Rex Orange County without Benny Sings. What I like most about him and me is that we are so different and yet so similar in other ways. We love the same chords, much of the same music, but have different approaches to the process.”

“We’re at different stages in our lives and I think we generate interesting ideas from each other that we probably wouldn’t find elsewhere,” he added. “Kudos to Benny, his albums At home and ART shaped a lot of my taste.”

“Loving Is Easy,” featuring Benny Sings, became one of Rex Orange County’s most popular songs. Originally released in 2017, the musician created a music video for “Loving Is Easy,” which continued to garner praise from listeners years later.

“There’s something about this song I never get tired of,” wrote one YouTube user. “I remember waking up very early and seeing this song recommended 3 years ago with only 60,000 views. I almost skipped it but I’m glad I didn’t. This song brings me such nostalgia and joy that I can’t even explain.”

Since debuting on the music scene, Rex Orange County has added impressive collaborations to its discography. For 2022 Who cares, The artist has teamed up with Tyler, the creator of Open a Window. Apricot Princess listed Macro McKinnis as a lead actor on “Nothing.”

For Tyler the Creator flower boy, Rex Orange County lent his voice to “Foreword” and the track subsequently garnered over 80 million Spotify plays. Of course, Rex Orange County is best known for his solo project.

Songs like “The Shade” and “Pluto Projector” went viral on TikTok, and “Sunflower” surpassed 450 million streams on Spotify. The most popular song on Spotify is “Best Friend” with over 520 million plays. He gave several concerts in 2022, with no further performances planned for the rest of the year.

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