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Report: Kathryn Dennis seen with facial injuries, filming stopped

A “Southern Charm” star may have gone missing during filming due to facial injuries, Fit News reported.

Here’s what you need to know:

According to a report from Fit News, Kathryn Dennis may have been absent from filming due to injuries to her face.

The outlet reported that a production source “claimed that Dennis showed up to do some filming for season eight with a visible black eye and a swollen jaw. On set that same day, a male member of the cast saw the injury but continued to work with Dennis.” without commenting.”

According to the outlet’s source, Dennis told them she was “not allowed” to talk about how the injuries had occurred and would not confirm whether they were the result of an accident or assault.

The outlet also produced several images showing a large black eye on Dennis.

You can view those photos here, and here and here. The images show Dennis with blond hair, which she has during the first part of the shooting. Since then she has turned red again.

According to the paper, “Dennis declined to discuss the images — or the injuries — but confirmed their authenticity and made no objection to their publication.”

When Dennis arrived to film, she had done her own makeup, which was “normal” according to the outlet’s source.

“…But for this shoot with the couple, she had an unusual amount of foundation in an attempt to cover the area around her eye,” the source told the outlet. “It was noticed by the production and its management.”

The outlet reported that NBC was “investigating whether they had any ‘liability’ related to Dennis’ injuries.”

The outlet spoke to Dennis who would not comment on the injuries, but did tell Fit News that her absence from the show was “disappointing”.

She also explained that during a cast trip, Shep Rose told the cast members that Dennis was missing because he had the kids that weekend.

“I didn’t have the kids, and they knew it,” Dennis told the outlet. “I was just not allowed to shoot before then. I wanted to film. I wanted to make the trip to Auldbrass and St. Simon’s Island, but I wasn’t included in the production.”

pleasemynews reached out to Dennis’s representative and the representatives of several fellow cast members and Bravo who may have been aware of the situation. We have not yet received a response.

Dennis hasn’t been seen as often this season as in previous seasons and fans noticed her absence. Dennis himself even acknowledged the interruption by writing, “I’m Backkkkk!” tease the Friendsgiving episode on September 1.

Bravo acknowledged her absence, writing, “She missed several events, including the canine wedding ‘Southern Charm’ matriarch Patricia Altschul pitched for Peaches and Shep Rose’s dog, Lil Craig, as well as a cast trip to Auldbrass.”

According to fellow castmate Bravo, Shep Rose said of Dennis, “I really feel like I want to protect her. And she can be really sweet and gentle. That’s my favorite version of Kathryn. We don’t always see it. And that is the version I choose to believe in” during an interview with The Daily Dish.

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