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Release Date, Time and Predictions of “The Patient” Episode 9

The patient Heightens the emotions as it nears its finale on Hulu, and delves deeper into the mental state and family life of Alan Strauss (Steve Carell). The series takes it a step further in Episode 8, revealing what Ezra Strauss (Andrew Leeds) has been up to since his father disappeared. It also sees Sam Fortner’s (Domhnall Gleeson) momentum deteriorate as he considers alternative solutions. This might not bode well for Alan. So when is the release date and time for The patient Episode 9 on Hulu?

[Warning: Spoilers ahead for The Patient Episode 8, “Ezra.”]

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New episodes of The patient Stream on Hulu every Tuesday, hitting the platform around 12:00 p.m. PT / 3:00 p.m. ET. Based on this setting, The patient Episode 9 will be available at this time on October 18th.

Check out the release schedule for The patient under:

Next week’s episode will show what will become of Alan Strauss afterwards The patient The emotional ending to Episode 8. It will also set the stage for the finale as the miniseries only has one chapter left after Episode 9. In addition to completing the Alan and Sam storylines, the show needs to deal with the subplot of Ezra. That’s something the latest installment continues to delve into, and it could prove important to Alan’s survival.

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That’s correct, The patient Episode 8 delves deeper into Alan’s estranged relationship with his son Ezra. Fans get an honest admission of Alan’s feelings about the situation, and they get to see Ezra’s point of view as well. Despite Alan’s insistence that his son left the family, Ezra searches for his father. He and his sister put up missing person flyers, which could cause trouble for Sam later.

Sam spends a lot of The patient Episode 8 struggles as his impulses continue to deteriorate despite therapy. During “Ezra” he kills another man – his superior – and decides his sessions with Alan aren’t working. After an uncomfortable game of ping-pong, Sam tells the psychotherapist about it too. And as viewers have come to expect, it appears that Sam will have to kill Alan to ensure his secrets are kept safe.

This leaves Alan with a decision to make along the way The patient Episode 9: Accept his fate or fight for his life. His mentor Charlie (David Alan Grier) urged him to fight last week. And Alan’s joke at the end of “Ezra” suggests that he would rather die of old age than be executed – something he may try to make a reality.

With a shackle on his ankle, it’s hard to tell how Alan will walk away from his shot alive. Maybe anything he wants to say to Ezra will push him forward. Still, escaping will be a long road unless someone tracks him down before Sam can kill him.

With The patient Episode 8 ends on a tense note, what can fans expect when Episode 9 begins? The Hulu series is unpredictable, but we’re willing to bet Alan puts up a fight — or Sam struggles to eliminate a person he really likes. After all, Sam’s murders are not random. They are usually motivated by his beliefs about morality, and Alan has done nothing to “deserve” such a grim fate.

According to IMDb, Episode 9 will be titled “Auschwitz.” And his synopsis suggests Alan will use words to save his life rather than physical force: “Dr. Strauss leaves nothing unsaid. Sam tries again with Mary. Sam sparks an idea and it all seems to fall into place.”

It’s hard to say which idea will help Sam at this stage, but perhaps his reflection is good news for Alan. Last but not least, it can buy him time for Ezra’s missing posters to work – or his note to be discovered.

We’ll have to wait and see how Alan fares following Sam’s recent decision. We’re hoping he’ll be reunited with his kids in the end – although that might be an optimistic thought for this story.

The patient Episode 9 debuts Tuesday, October 18 on Hulu.

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