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Reality Steve drops a bomb on Aven Jones

The finale of “The Bachelorette” aired on Tuesday, September 20, 2022 and fans watched as two very different endings played out; Gabby Windey is happily engaged and Rachel Recchia is not.

Fans of the show watched as “Bachelorette” Recchia had a very challenging time with her season pick, Tino Franco. The two ended their engagement for “After the Final Rose” after Franco told Recchia that he had kissed another girl. Very difficult conversations followed, but Recchia and Franco were really just walking in circles.

Before sending Franco off the stage, ATFR presenter Jesse Palmer told Recchia that someone had come and demanded to see her. Recchia looked stunned when Palmer brought out Aven Jones – the suitor Recchia sent home a week before the final. Recchia’s face lit up as Franco sat uncomfortably on the couch, watching this play unfold before his eyes.

Jones asked Recchia if they could go outside to catch up, and she agreed. The two walked off the stage together and hugged each other behind the scenes. So, are Jones and Recchia going to date after the show? Was Jones’ appearance real? Not according to Reality Steve.

Here’s what you need to know:

Spoiler king Reality Steve informed viewers that Jones was with ATFR before the segment actually aired.

“Aven is at the ATFR tonight and he’s going to ask Rachel to date after the show. I don’t think Rachel knows he’s there. Not sure if I’ll buy this. It seems that more is being done to give Rachel some luck to end the show, a la Tyler C asks Hannah Brown out on her ATFR, “Steve tweeted while the show aired on the East Coast.

In a subsequent tweet, Steve shared his thoughts on why Jones attended.

“That last tweet was not speculation about Aven. He shows up to ask her out. And I very much doubt that Rachel will say no on live national TV. America would hate her. I’m just saying I don’t think Aven is doing this for anything other than the production asking him to do it,” he says. wrote.

On his September 21, 2022 podcast, Reality Steve crushed all hopes and dreams that Recchia would sail into the sunset and make things work with Jones.

According to Steve, Jones’ performance was completely staged, just for television, and the two will not be dating, however things may seem.

“I can tell you this thing isn’t even real,” Steve said. “If I found out 30 minutes before the show, I probably know something that people don’t. This isn’t real. This was done solely for television purposes. They were bulls***. It will probably be short-lived. I guarantee they probably won’t even go out,’ he continued.

“This was almost done as a production favor,” Steve explained, saying that this would have been a way for Recchia to get some sort of happy ending of its own.

“There’s no chance in hell that Rachel and Aven will become anything… not to mention, this all happened in a bubble on stage. I guarantee Rachel will be notified of what this was all about within 24 to 48 hours of last night’s episode. And I think she knows… she knows now that Aven isn’t really interested in anything,” Steve said.

“This was done for television purposes,” he repeated.

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