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Real Housewives star talks about ‘terrifying’ home invasion

On Thursday, November 17, Nicole Sealey of “The Real Housewives of Cheshire” and her family went through a “terrifying” ordeal when they were the victims of a burglary at their home in Winslow, just south of Manchester, England.

Sealey, who has appeared on RHOCheshire since its 11th season in 2020, was at home with her husband Joe Sealey, a former footballer, their son and niece, The Sun reported. The reality star opened up about the scary incident and said the thieves ended up stealing expensive jewelry, including her wedding ring and three Rolexes.

“Of course things can be replaced and things were insured, but they just had tremendous sentimental value,” Sealey said, like her wedding band, her engagement ring, and a wedding gift she’d given her husband. “Obviously that’s what they were looking for: the jewelry,” she said. “We never have cash in the house. It was like they knew exactly what they came for. They were quite specific.”

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According to a statement from Cheshire Police, the family were at home when three men broke in around 8:15 p.m. Sealey told The Sun that since she and her husband were in a bit of bad weather, she and her husband went to bed early.

She said she was downstairs turning everything off before going to bed and “stepped back to blow out a candle when all of a sudden it sounded like a bomb had gone off in the house.” She described the sound as an “explosion” and said the intruders threw a “concrete thing” through the glass where she had been standing moments before.

“I’m incredibly lucky they didn’t break in 10 seconds earlier,” she shared. “If they did, I don’t think I would still be here.” Sealey said they had crowbars and “chased” her and that the homeowners and intruders had a “showdown,” telling the publication she was very lucky no one was hurt in the robbery.

Cheshire Police have issued a statement about the aggravated robbery and are looking for possible witnesses and video footage. The three men were described as wearing all-black clothing and balaclavas and having “strong Mancunian accents”. Descriptions of the suspects were provided by the authorities:

Detective Sergeant Stephen Joyce said the break-in was an “absolutely terrifying incident” and said they are investigating the matter. He also asked companies to be alert and report individuals who may have tried to sell the stolen goods.

Speaking to The Sun, Sealey spoke about how scary the incident was, telling the publication: “All I can think about is if they had broken into an elderly person’s house, they could have given them a heart attack because the sound of their break-in was so loud.” She thanked the police for their work on the case.

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