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Reactions From ‘Bachelorette’ Fans To Rachel And Tino’s Breakup On Screen Are Surprising

Part two of the season finale of “The Bachelorette” was a whirlwind of drama, chaos and emotions. Of the many events that took place, one of the most unstable was the rift between Rachel Recchia and her financial institution, Tino Franco.

During “After the Final Rose,” production leaned heavily in Recchia’s favor in the he-said-she battle. At one point, host Jesse Palmer awkwardly asked the studio audience to clap if they supported Recchia. Applause went through the studio, but some onlookers may have felt compelled to obey. Based on responses on social media, many viewers at home may have been yelling “no!” on their TV.

Many fans have taken to social media to support Franco. While they disagree that it’s okay to kiss another woman in a committed relationship, many fans think Recchia was too hard on Franco. Some have even accused her of gaslighting, both in the filmed break-up scene and the live reunion on stage.

One Twitter user wrote:“This is so hard to watch. He broke up with (and owns it, and apologizes repeatedly), but she laughs so hard at him and clearly lured him into talking in person so she could play in front of the camera, not because she really wanted to have a real conversation.

Someone else uttered“I think Rachel Tino is gaslighting. She pretends she didn’t say those things and really does her best to make Tino look worse. No excuse to cheat, but she’s trying to manipulate this situation 100%.”

One viewer tweeted“He tried to explain himself and apologized so many times and Rachel didn’t give him a moment of the day, kept attacking him and trying to make herself look so triumphant. Tino is not the only one responsible for ruining their relationship.”

Another fan commented, “Convo makes no sense. Rachel asks for context, Tino provides context, and Rachel rejects his context. Tino was NOT right to do what he was doing, but listen to his context or don’t ask again.”

“He literally took responsibility over and over. I got tired of him saying it. she just wasn’t forgiving and wouldn’t move on. She didn’t want to wear the ring anymore for reasons they didn’t tell us, he forced her into therapy and then he kissed a girl. Great business,” another fan tweeted.

“It’s stupid to be very honest. She doesn’t want to hear him, she just wants to make a scene and be mad. There was no point in letting him come tonight,’ wrote another. “She didn’t even listen to him, she obviously likes arguing, someone else posted. “She’s her own worst enemy. A kiss doesn’t justify all this drama. I felt sorry for him” pronounced another viewer.

It’s not often that people side with the cheater in a relationship. But as Rachel and Tino’s breakup showed to viewers, everything isn’t always black and white.

Fans are angry not only with the way Recchia handled the breakup, but also with the way ABC allowed former runner-up Aven Jones to come on stage and ask Recchia for a date in front of Franco. The two left the stage together, leaving Franco standing there awkwardly with host Jesse Palmer, not knowing what to say or do.

A fan tweeted“How tasteless that was. Bringing Aven out while Tino is still on stage. I feel like there’s another side to it that’s 100% Rachel’s fault. But because he KISS someone, well, now it’s all HIS fault and none of it is hers! It takes 2! He didn’t just do that when he was doing well.” Another wrote“So awkward to make Aven like that, wtf.”

Another fan commented“What Tino did to Rachel was wrong, yes. But did he deserve that public humiliation? No. I’ve been thinking about this moment and it just gives me a stomachache. Proof that this franchise can care less about the cast and their mental well-being.”

Bachelor Nation stars were also eager to share their thoughts on this. Ashley Iaconetti tweeted“I’m really, really, upset by the way that moment has been handled. It was cruel. We can support Rachel and not absolutely demoralize anyone publicly.”

Jason Tartick posted on Instagram stories: “Huge Aven man, but this is so awkward. … Tino, go, you can leave. This is so awkward.”

Andrew Spencer agreed, saying, “”Whattttt why bro sitting there, nahhhhh they’re cold for that lmaooo.”

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