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Puzzle author Curt Schneider dies in a mountain accident in the Alps

Legendary puzzle author Curt Schneider is dead The “SZ-Magazine” mourns the passing of its long-time collaborator, who died in a mountain accident.

Curt Schneider didn’t reveal much about himself, even his full name was only known to a few people. He published his famous puzzles every week in the magazine of the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” with the abbreviation “CUS”. More than 30 years ago, Schneider invented the “Cross with Words” column. Its editors have now announced that Schneider died in an accident in the Alps on 7 October. He was 62 years old.

“The ‘cross with words’ was different from the other puzzles from day one: wittier, wittier, more difficult. Curt Schneider was a master of puns, reinterpretation, new creations”, writes the editor Max Fellmann in his colleague’s obituary.

The editors of “SZ-Magazine” commemorate their longtime colleague and friend with emotional words, are saddened by the “unbelievable loss” and think lovingly of the humor and creativity of the man whose puzzles have inspired countless fans for decades. .

In an interview with the “taz” in 1999, Curt Schneider revealed what is important when solving puzzles: “At least fifty percent is craftsmanship. Universal semi-education is important. Refine the sense of the absurd, of small children. oddities in life. Formulation also art and accuracy in research. And it takes knowledge of human nature and sensitivity to how someone thinks, how to lure him on the wrong path, to tip him for a camouflaged trap and vice versa. “

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