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‘Property Brothers’ Drew & Jonathan Scott Sign Huge New Deal With HGTV

Expect to see a lot more of “Property Brothers” Drew and Jonathan Scott on your TV in the near future — but maybe not just on HGTV. After a bidding war between several content producers, the home improvement twin stars have decided to join HGTV and their parent company, Warner Bros. Discovery, by signing a three-year “talent deal” that will provide opportunities to grow beyond their already established shows. Here’s what you need to know about the huge deal…

On September 14, 2022, Scott Brothers Entertainment – the brothers’ production company that creates original content for TV, film and digital platforms – announced the deal on Instagram, revealing that the new contract will allow production of new seasons of HGTV hit shows “Property Brothers”. includes. : Forever Home’ and ‘Celebrity IOU’.

Drew shared the post in his Instagram Stories, writing, “What a dream come true to make things bigger and better and keep doing what we love every day!”

While the financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, Variety reported solely that there was a “multi-platform” bidding war over the twins as their previous HGTV contract was set to expire in 2022, meaning other networks and streaming services were trying to get the brothers out. from their old home at HGTV.

“We were definitely wooed by a lot of other big players and some of them who really wanted our brand on their platform,” Jonathan told Variety.

Ultimately, however, the Scotts chose to join HGTV and its parent company, Warner Bros. Discovery, to stay. Jonathan said it made sense for them to stay, given their loyal fans and the long-standing relationships they have there.

“It just feels right with HGTV because we’ve been a family,” he said. “It’s not even just a job for us and a workplace. The relationship that we have, it’s a symbiotic relationship where we develop the shows and we listen to the fans. We communicate directly with the fans with over half a million messages a week, each of our fans, so we know what they want and the network has always been working on that.”

Warner Bros. Discovery chairman and chief content officer Kathleen Finch, who has known the Scotts for years, told Variety: “These are stars who consistently attract and engage fans regardless of platform, so this new agreement allows us to stay together in more fun, innovative ways. develop content that will captivate viewers for years to come.”

In addition to their established HGTV shows, the 44-year-old brothers will also develop more home-related series and digital content across the Warner Bros brand portfolio. Discovery, which – through a merger completed in April – Food Network, TNT, TBS, Discovery+, CNN, OWN, TLC, Magnolia Network, Warner Bros. Television and DC Comics.

The brothers are especially excited that, in addition to their reality-based – or “unscripted” – content, this also leaves the door open for possible acting appearances and scripted content. The company has already started experimenting with having their unscripted show hosts appear in scripted content. In November, for example, Food Network personalities and several HGTV stars — “Love It or List It’s” Hilary Farr and “Home Town’s” Ben and Erin Napier — appear in holiday movies on Discovery+.

Such opportunities are likely to grow as HBO Max merges into Warner Bros. in the summer of 2023. Discovery to create one big streaming service.

“Acting and scripting is my passion and they’ve got that side of things, plus all their lifestyle and unscripted and everything we’ve already done,” Drew told Variety. “So this is just a dream to make things bigger and better and reach more people. I think it’s exciting and all the time those discussions took place, at least for me it was just exciting. There was no reservation. I just thought this created more opportunities to inspire people.”

Drew, who has a four-month-old son with wife Linda Phan, joked, “Maybe I’ll be in the next ‘Game of Thrones’ series, the new ‘House of the Dragon!'”

Jonathan said acting is probably a natural next step for him too. “After all, I’m in a relationship with the world’s most famous elf, so I feel like I should,” Jonathan said, referring to his three-year romance with “Elf” star Zooey Deschanel.

The brothers have been polishing up their acting skills lately. In June, they made a funny cameo in Peacock’s “Girls5Eva,” including an over-the-top fight scene between Drew and comedian Paula Pell.

In 2021, the duo also appeared in a magic show with comedian Phoebe Robinson on Comedy Central.

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