Friday, December 2, 2022

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"Promi Big Brother" gets a newcomer

After less than a week, two candidates have already thrown in the towel on “Celebrity Big Brother”. Now there is a refill.

The anniversary season of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ kicked off last Friday. Applicants are divided into three areas: attic, garage and mezzanine. However, the cast has already shrunk ahead of the expected evictions. TV insurance detective Patrick Lufen had enough after just one night, perfume influencer Jeremy Fragrance was finally back on the loose Wednesday night.

Now those in charge have decided to provide supplies after two unexpected departures. Who it is is not publicly disclosed in advance. Fans will be introduced to the newcomer on Thursday night’s episode when they move into the TV container. It is also not clear in which area it comes from.

It remains exciting for a while who will fight for the victory of the show. It is not only fame and glory, but also prize money of 100,000

EUR. To reach first place, however, the participants have to go through a lot.

Not only do they have to deal with the extraordinary conditions in the container, but also dealing with their fellow fighters isn’t always easy, as we’ve noticed between Jeremy and Valentina, for example. The two did not smell each other at first, the hardened reality TV actress continued to shoot in the 33-year-old’s direction. Before entering separate realms, however, they made peace with each other.

The current housing situation
attic: Rainer, Diana, Menderes, Valentina and Tanja
Garage: Sam, Katy, Doreen, Jörg D., Jay and Jörg K.
Mezzanine: Jennifer and Michaela
Exit: Patrick and Jeremy

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