Friday, December 2, 2022

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Princess Estelle was allowed to attend the state reception

The Dutch royal couple is visiting Sweden. At an official appearance at the palace, young Estelle may also be there.


Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima are visiting their royal colleagues in Sweden for three days. On the first day of their visit, which includes a series of appointments in Stockholm and Gothenburg, the couple receives a warm welcome from the Swedes. But it’s not just adult royals that show up – a mini-royal has also been allowed to participate.

Among all the adults, Princess Estelle poses for the cameras at the Royal Palace of the Swedish capital. She poses confidently between Willem-Alexander and her wife, with a broad smile on her face.

Just like the others in attendance, the 10-year-old dressed up well for the date. He wears a knee-length dress with a houndstooth pattern and a row of buttons. Including light tights and black ballet flats and a small handbag that matches the color of the shoes.

The Dutch monarch wears a dark blue suit, as does Prince Daniel. King Carl Gustaf and Prince Carl Philip chose their official uniform. As agreed, women wear several strong colors. Princess Sofia’s dress is completely bright red, Queen Silvia uses dark green, Máxima was almost the most discreet of the bunch with her light pink look. Princess Victoria, for her part, shines in a purple dress.

The fact that Estelle is allowed to attend the date may have something to do with her position in the royal family. Victoria’s daughter is second in line to the throne after her mother. The student is the eldest daughter of the 45-year-old and her husband Daniel. The couple also have six-year-old son Oscar. He is the third in line of succession to the throne, behind her sister.

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