Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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Princess Diana more popular than Charles in UK polls but behind William

Princess Diana is still more popular than King Charles III in Britain 25 years after her death, including among young people who did not directly experience her life.

The former Princess of Wales is liked by 72% of people and disliked by 19%, giving her a net approval rating of +53.

Charles was liked by 67% and disliked by 24% of British adults, giving him a net rating of +43, according to YouGov data.

The polling firm’s survey also suggests Diana is more popular than Queen Consort Camilla, who was viewed positively by 52% and negatively by 37% in the same survey.

Prince William was however the most popular living member of the royal family with 81% having a positive opinion of him and 12% a negative opinion, giving net figures of +69.

While Charles may not be more popular than his ex-wife, his current numbers are a significant improvement on surveys made before Queen Elizabeth II died.

A survey conducted between May 18 and May 19, 2022 showed that Charles was viewed positively by 54% and negatively by 35%, giving him a net number of +19.

The current survey, published on November 24, 2022, was based on research conducted between November 9 and 10.

Season 5 of The crown was released by Netflix on November 9 and gave the show’s second installment of Princess Diana’s heartache during the collapse of her marriage to Charles.

The YouGov report said: “Although none were born before her death, 18-24 year olds know Princess Diana just as well as they know other members of the Royal Family and have a very positive opinion of her.”

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