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prince harry "summoned his inner Diana" confetti bombardment Charles, Camilla

Prince Harry brilliantly throwing his confetti at King Charles III during his wedding to Queen Camilla has resurfaced in a viral TikTok video.

The Duke of Sussex appeared to put his back to it as he threw a handful of confetti at his father’s second wedding.

Footage from the moment of their wedding in Windsor on April 9, 2005 has been viewed 2.9 million times and received more than 582,000 likes on TikTok.

However, the poster added an extra layer of interpretation by overlaying dialogue from Season 4 of the Netflix series. The crown of a fictional argument between Charles and Princess Diana over Camilla.

The confetti seems to be landing mostly on Charles and it’s entirely possible Harry was just playing a light prank on his father, but that hasn’t stopped social media users from speculating on the prince’s feelings at the moment.

A comment liked 32,800 times read: “It was personal lol.”

Another, liked 16,800 times, read: “Equities certainly spoke louder here.”

Another thought ‘Harry threw this away with a vengeance’, while a fourth wrote: ‘He summoned his inner Diana.’

The video has Amy Winehouse playing above and features audio of an argument between Emma Corrin’s Princess Diana and Josh O’Connor’s Prince Charles in season 4 of The crown.

The fictionalized scene shows Charles saying he kisses “who I love, especially when they are affected by the selfishness of others and need encouragement”.

Diana is then depicted saying, “Who are you referring to?” Charles replies “Camilla”, before Diana says, “Why would I care about her?”

Charles of O’Connor then said, “Because I care about her. Morning noon and night, I care about her. And you hurt her. And if you hurt her, you hurt me.”

Charles and Camilla’s 2005 wedding took place eight years after Princess Diana’s death and two years before an inquest into the royal’s death in London.

The public mood at the time was so explosive that the palace feared that some Diana supporters would protest against the marriage, although the fears were mostly unfounded.

Penny Junor, the Queen Consort’s biographer, said Pleasemynews in 2020: “Camilla must have gotten out of bed that morning. She was absolutely terrified because no one knew what was going to happen.

“They didn’t know if they were going to get thrown rotten eggs or if it was going to be a complete non-event.

“They just didn’t know. It turned out most of that crowd were well-wishers and it was a nice atmosphere that day.”

Charles and Camilla had trouble arranging because they were denied a church wedding on the grounds that Camilla was not only divorced but had a living ex-husband.

Church of England rules had recently been updated to allow the Archbishop of Canterbury to allow divorcees with living former spouses to marry in church at his discretion, but Rowan Williams refused .

As a result, they were married at Windsor Guildhall, but Queen Elizabeth II refused to attend the legal ceremony as she only attends church weddings.

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