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Prince Harry isn’t the first royal to make waves with a bombshell memoir

The recent news that Prince Harry will release his long-awaited memoir to safeguard January 10 saw renewed interest in the book which promises to be an “entirely truthful” and “raw” account of his life.

Although the prince’s foray into writing memoirs may be the most controversial in recent years, due to his strained relationship with members of his family, he is by no means the first British royal to do so. .

CEO and founder of leading memoir writing service StoryTerrace, Rutger Bruining, Told Pleasemynews the appeal of royal memoirs has always been broad, due to the unique insight they provide into a generally closed world.

“There’s a certain level of mystique around them,” he said. “[Royal families] they all have their fair share of drama, not just in the uk…i think The crown is a big influence because it’s created a lot of discussion around what is fact and what is fiction.”

Bruining explained that this is where the memoir is a valuable resource for the Royal Family and readers, “because it goes deeper and things are explained in more detail.”

“It feels like you’re getting additional insight into something that’s otherwise from a credit perspective, normally pre-arranged,” he said.

For Harry though, public expectations for the kind of revelations that will feature in his memoir are high after his explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021.

“In this memoir, people will be looking very specifically at that turning point, when did he kind of feel separated from his family? Was there a specific time? I think what they’ll want to see, that’s how they feel, like the real Harry,” Bruining said.

Here, Pleasemynews looks at five members of the British royal family before Harry who all published memoirs.

Queen Victoria has become the first sovereign to publish a best-selling memoir. In 1868 the Queen decided to compile an edited collection of memorabilia from her life in Scotland with Prince Albert after his death in 1861.

The first public impression of Leaflets from the Journal of our life in the Highlands, from 1848 to 1861 sold out in three months and was dedicated to Albert’s memory.

The Queen’s literary endeavors were not universally well received. Her eldest son, Prince Albert Edward (later King Edward VII) disapproved of his mother’s publication of her diaries.

He disapproved further in 1884, when the Queen published a sequel titled More sheets from the Journal of a Life in the Highlands from 1862 to 1882, which she did not dedicate to the memory of Prince Albert. Instead, the dedication was made to the “devoted memory of my personal assistant and faithful friend – John Brown”.

Brown was a hated figure within the Royal Household and family, and the book signing fueled rumors that an inappropriate relationship had developed between the Queen and her “faithful friend”.

Queen Marie of Romania was born in England in 1875 as a British princess and granddaughter of Queen Victoria through her son Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh.

Marie possessed a talent for writing and after the death of her husband, King Ferdinand I of Romania in 1927, developed her talent by writing three volumes of the story of her life in the 1930s.

the story of my life published in English, were critically acclaimed and revealed much about the life of a young royal princess behind the walls of a palace at the end of the 19th century.

The Queen’s memoir was well commented on by novelist Virginia Woolf, but the British author warned readers that members of the Royal Family publishing their life stories for all to read could lead to the abolition of the monarchy removing layers of regal mystique. .

“Words are dangerous things, let’s remember,” she wrote. “A republic could be brought into existence by a poem.”

When King Edward VIII abdicated from the British throne to marry twice-divorced, American-born Wallis Simpson, it caused Britain’s greatest constitutional crisis in the 20th century.

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