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Pregnant Jessica Fox reveals her car was smashed up overnight

She recently announced that she is expecting her first child after two miscarriages.

And on Friday morning, pregnant Jessica Fox, 39, revealed the rear window of her car was smashed overnight.

The Hollyoaks star shared a photo of the damaged vehicle to her Instagram Stories and sarcastically wrote, “Thanks for the early Christmas present.”

Jess recently announced that she is expecting her first child with husband Nicholas Willes.

The actress, best known for playing Nancy Hayton on the Channel 4 soap, also opened up about her fertility journey, explaining that she previously suffered two miscarriages.

In snaps shared to Instagram, Jessica made it up to Nicholas, who she tied the knot with in 2020, and included a series of baby scans.

The pair all smiled as they donned matching hats with the words “Mom” and “Dad.”

Jessica penned a lengthy caption that she screenshotted and posted as a series of images detailing her fertility journey.

She began by saying, “Nick and I have had a rocky road to get to this point. A miscarriage is terrible, there is no other word for it.

“It robs you of the future you had planned, your trust in your body, it’s isolating, lonely, scary and nobody seems to talk about it. It’s incredibly painful, it’s painful to pass out in your bathroom.

Jessica continued, “It takes away the joy and excitement if and when you decide (and can) to conceive again. It’s being replaced by anxiety, stress, and more anxiety than I could ever have imagined.

“Nick and I lost two babies in 2021. Both losses were at the end of the first trimester and were completely heartbreaking.

She then explained how hard it was when her Hollyoaks character got pregnant: “In a cruel twist of fate, the character I play in Hollyoaks was also pregnant when I got pregnant the second time.

“On Twitter and Instagram I saw comments that in real life I must be pregnant. I looked pregnant almost immediately and had started gaining weight.

“I started showing off at work, I was very smug that I was going to have the most realistic baby bump ever. Maybe my real baby could play my kid on the screen? The wardrobe department, who are the nicest people in the world, were the only ones who knew I was pregnant.

“Then I lost the baby. On Friday I had a real bump, on Monday I put on a fake one. It was just as awful as it sounds. I tried to keep it a secret and move on. I never expected to share that on social media.”

She continued, “On my due date at work, I was handed a beautiful little baby and I cried uncontrollably throughout the whole scene. The director, who didn’t know my situation, must have thought I was fantastic – I was broken. My mental health sucked.

“I had given up sleep, I had anxiety about driving, intrusive thoughts and we think a form of OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). A holiday, meditation, the NHS and most importantly, things have improved massively and I hope they’ve burned that damn bump.

“I saw the most beautiful rainbow on vacation in Greece, when I got home I was pregnant.”

Jessica concluded by explaining that she is getting help from the ‘miscarriage clinic’ to ensure her third pregnancy proceeds safely, confirming: ‘At 20 weeks our baby is healthy and growing. Due in Spring 2023.”

Jessica announced her engagement to Nicholas in November 2019 when she shared a snap of her sparkling engagement ring on Instagram.

The soap star captioned the post: “Be with someone you can be yourself with.

“Someone who will make you be better, be kinder, eat more fruits and vegetables. So of course I said ‘yes’.’

The couple secretly married in October 2020 after their “planned wedding” of their dream was postponed due to Covid-19.

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