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Paul McCartney reveals the 1 thing he would say to John Lennon today

Paul McCartney and John Lennon are two legendary members of The Beatles. After the band broke up, the two had a rocky relationship, which thankfully was mended before Lennon’s assassination. In a recent interview, McCartney shared what he would say to his friend and former bandmate if he were still around today.

John Lennon and Paul McCartney formed The Beatles with George Harrison and Ringo Starr in 1960. The Beatles became global superstars and are still one of the most successful bands of all time. After the band broke up in 1970, Lennon and McCartney developed a more complicated relationship. In his new book Text: 1956 to present McCartney, shared via, wrote that Lennon began writing songs aimed at his former bandmate with insults.

“John launched rockets at me with his songs, and one or two of them were pretty gruesome,” McCartney said. “I don’t know what he was hoping to gain other than smack me in the face.”

However, McCartney shared in the book that the two were able to reconcile before Lennon’s assassination in 1980. The artist says it would have been one of his biggest regrets if the two got along badly.

“I was very happy with how we got along over the past few years that I had some really good times with him before he was murdered,” McCartney wrote. “Without question, it would have been the worst thing in the world for me if he had been killed when we were still in a bad relationship. I would have thought, “Oh, I should have, I should have, I should have…” It would have been a huge guilt on my part. But fortunately our last meeting was very friendly.”

In an interview with GQ, Paul McCartney reflected on his relationship with Lennon. He discussed what he would say to the Imagine singer if he were alive today. McCartney said he wanted to show him his appreciation, which he didn’t do enough while Lennon was alive.

“I was very fortunate because before he died we had a good relationship, so I think it would have gotten better and better as we matured,” McCartney said. “I could probably have told him now what a fan of his I am. Nowadays I can say to everyone else, and I think I could have told him now. While I hinted at it when we were together, I never did said “Oh you’re freaking awesome man I’m such a fan of yours.” We right now implied with each other. We were Liverpoolers and you don’t do that – you don’t complement each other. It’s just brought up that way.”

When asked if McCartney regrets not telling Lennon he was a fan, the British artist said he doesn’t, blaming it on a product of the time. He says he’s more open with others and expresses his love for friends more often, including former Beatles bandmate Ringo Starr.

“I mean, we kind of hinted at it, and it’s okay because that was the world back then,” McCartney said. “You asked me how it could have been now and I think I certainly relaxed a hell of a lot and I think John would have relaxed a hell of a lot. If you can go by Ringo, we’re great: “I love you man,” “I love you man,” and we hug each other and everything. And we are very polite to each other.”

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