Tuesday, December 6, 2022

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One month King Charles III: “He must curb his desire to interfere”

A month ago, Prince Charles became King Charles III. The provisional balance sheet for the new monarch of Great Britain is good. But there is a challenge.

It had only been ten minutes, but they heralded a new era. The queen is dead, the king is alive: on 10 September 2022, Charles III. with trumpet fanfares and cannons they salute

London officially proclaimed king. Nobility expert Thomas Kielinger plots a positive interim balance in an interview with t-online.

“He made his first trip since the end of the official mourning period after his mother’s death in Edinburgh – a clear sign that he, like Elizabeth II, gives top priority to the cohesion of the kingdom and wanted to confirm it with a visit to Scotland. “. , explains the author.

Charles’s embassy in Scotland, which has repeatedly called for secession from the kingdom:

His it belongs to him. Here he also met with representatives of Indians, Pakistanis and other groups within British society to demonstrate popular unity. Another important sign: to be approachable, to be in contact with the people and not with the king’s office, but with the people behind. “It was perceived as very positive the way he and King Camilla’s wife talked at length with the waiting spectators, whose lines walked along with his wife, laughing and shaking hands, affable but not condescending, seemingly without worry about losing the dignity of his position in the process. ” , continues the expert on nobility.

An important maintenance of the image. Because at the very beginning of his reign, Charles III. from clumsy appearances in front of the camera not at all close to people. For example, when he complained aloud of incorrectly positioned or defective writing implements, the monarch’s arrogance and arrogance were quickly cursed. But Thomas Kielinger sees an entirely different potential obstacle for him: “He must – his greatest weakness – curb his desire to interfere in current debates, which he has often shown as Prince of Wales. As a monarch, he must be rigorous in maintaining duty. absolute neutrality of his position and cannot take a position on this or that part of a debate: this would offend the other group who may disagree, but he is the king of all Britons and as such must speak for all the parties and directions remain acceptable, or at least try to be. This was one of the queen’s outstanding qualities: staying out of all current contentious issues in 70 years and therefore doing a lot for its acceptance. “

From time to time Charles has to endure comparisons with his mother, the late queen. Nobody can emulate it, says Kielinger: “But Charles III can emulate the legacy, he already emphasizes this when he emphasizes the unity of the kingdom, threatened by many centrifugal forces, not only in Scotland. Northern Ireland has also become a problem as part of the United Kingdom as the Catholic population in the Protestant north of the island has grown to become the largest group and the demand for union with the south of the island, the Republic of Ireland, continues to grow. “

These national movements are the great challenge for Charles in the future: “taming them and helping to keep the seal of the ‘United Kingdom’ attractive as a credible identity for all Britons will be his most important task”. According to Kielinger, his experience could help him in particular: “As paradoxical as it may seem, a particular strength of the new king is his age: no one has had to wait as long as the Prince of Wales for the succession to the throne since that means: the eldest The monarch in the history of the kingdom, who is at the beginning of his ‘term’, is also the most experienced. he does not need “learning time”, but can immediately focus on the crises of the present and try to make the its part to calm the tense nerves to the breaking point everywhere. “

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