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Number of Brownlow Medals: See the BANNED questions for this year’s red carpet

The Brownlow Medal Count has succumbed to political correctness after banning a very simple question from red carpet interviews.

Speaking to the Herald Sun, this year’s red carpet hosts Emma Freedman and Dale Thomas confirmed they won’t be asking anyone what they’re wearing.

“We weren’t asked any questions about what you’re wearing, who you’re wearing, why you’re wearing,” Freedman confirmed.

“We’re going to focus on having fun and having a little giggle on the red carpet instead of asking that question,” she added.

The move could be seen as political correctness gone haywire after Brownlow’s red carpet turned glamorous WAGs into huge stars.

For example, Rebecca Judd rose to fame in 2004 thanks to her revealing red dress at the Brownlow Medal Count.

Sarita Holland also attracted public attention when she donned a red leather dress that resembled an AFL football in 2002.

Asking celebrities what they’re wearing has long been a staple of red carpet coverage around the world, with reporters often using the question to quickly get female celebrities talking.

The question also ensures that the designers who gifted their meticulously crafted garments to celebrities for the event are given proper credit.

In recent years, however, the question has been viewed by some as “sexist” and “objectivizing” towards women.

This belief sparked the #AskHerMore movement, which encouraged journalists to engage female stars in discussions about deeper issues than their red carpet outfits.

“This is a movement to say that we are more than our clothes,” Reece Witherspoon said on Instagram in 2015 of the #AskHerMore movement.

“This year there are 44 nominees who are women and we are very happy to be here and to talk about the work we have done. It’s hard to be a woman in Hollywood or any industry.”

It comes after news that the Brownlows are coming out in a new dawn for WAGs, with Nadia Bartel being stopped from hosting the red carpet.

Queen WAG Bec Judd will also sit out the A-list event as she focuses on her design and marketing projects.

WAGs featured this year are Alex Pendlebury, wife of Magpies captain Scott Pendlebury, and Natalie Docherty, wife of Carlton star Sam Docherty.

“This year is going to be super fun, last Brownlow I was pregnant with Darcy and she’s two and a half now,” Pendlebury told The Herald Sun on Friday.

“I’m so proud, all year we’ve been saying as long as you make it through the season and everything goes well, that’s a successful year for him,” added Docherty of her husband.

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