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No, “The Simpsons” did not predict the death of Queen Elizabeth II

The simpsons The cartoon has earned a reputation for predicting real-world events, but Queen Elizabeth II’s death isn’t one of them.

Several inaccurate social media posts claimed that “The simpsons did it again” by predicting the exact year and date of the monarch’s death.

These posts, images and memes have been viewed millions of times online, but none of them appear to be authentic.

Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8, 2022 and viral social media posts suggest that creator Matt Groening and The simpsons the writers knew what was coming.

The first major TikTok video to go viral was posted by @Moviesandmemes46790. It includes a scene from season 15, episode 4, titled “The Regina Monologues”, where the Simpson family travels to the UK.

While driving, Homer Simpson’s car crashes into the back of the Queen’s car and flips her over. The TikTok video, viewed 16.8 million times, zooms in on a piece of paper in the car that reads “8.9.2022”, which happens to be the date of his death in real life.

Some people were amazed at the accuracy of the so-called “prediction”, but many others were quick to point out that the video had been edited and the date did not appear in the original. Twitter users also shared the video, with some believing the prediction but others debunking it.

To revisit the original episode that aired, Pleasemynews can verify that the TikTok video was intentionally edited to mislead the public.

Another post has gone viral online, this time with The simpsons version of Queen Elizabeth II in a coffin. The post which has been viewed, shared and commented on millions of times on Twitter, TikTok and Reddit suggests that The simpsons predicted in 2014 that the year of his death would be 2022.

TikTok account @laikacl appeared to create this latest prank and got nearly 10 million views, while The Mannii Show got another 2.3 million for sharing it.

Further research by fans has determined that the image of Queen Elizabeth II (or at least The simpsons version) in a coffin is a faked version of a previously manipulated image.

A photo of Donald Trump lying in a coffin in an episode of The simpsons has been another source of prediction rumors for years. This image predicting the death of Donald Trump appears to be from 4Can, according to PolitiFact.

In the image circulating online, the former president has been replaced by Elizabeth II, and a tombstone of sorts has been added on top.

Queen Elizabeth II was portrayed in six episodes of The simpsonsnone of which seemed to mention her death, and only the episode “The Regina Monologues” saw her in danger.

In this episode set in London, there were a number of high-profile cameos from Britons playing themselves, including Prime Minister Tony Blair, actor Sir Ian McKellen and author JK Rowling, but the role of Queen Elizabeth II (and Dame Judi Dench) was voiced by The Simpsons regular Tress MacNeille.

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