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New episode “Traumschiff” on ZDF: Höfl-Riesch and Sasha set sail for Lapland

ZDF shows an episode of “Traumschiff” three times a year. In 2022, however, the broadcaster will make an exception. The steamer of love sails again in November.

The “Dream Ship” has been sailing the seven seas since 1981. Only under the command of Captain Braske (played by Günter König). Meanwhile, Captain Parger (Florian Silbereisen) controls the steamship ZDF. The “Dream Ship” sails three times a year. The first issue of the year is usually broadcast on January 1st, the second follows Easter Sunday and the third episode on Boxing Day.

2022, on the other hand, yes

ZDF an exception. For the first time in five years, fans don’t have to wait from Easter to Christmas. Because the Mainz broadcaster is broadcasting another episode in November, as can be seen from the ZDF press portal. The latest issue goes to Lapland.

The broadcaster also announced that, in addition to Captain Parger and the crew, consisting of hotel manager Hanna Liebhold (Barbara Wussow), staff captain Martin Grimm (Daniel Morgenroth) and ship’s doctor Dr. Jessica Delgado ( Collien Ulmen-Fernandes) will be on board. As a result, for example, singer Sasha takes on a guest role. World-famous former skier Maria Höfl-Riesch is also traveling to Lapland. Cruise director Oskar Schifferle (Harald Schmidt) will not be on board.

The station also revealed the difficult story of the new episode. Captain Parger is surprised by two old schoolmates (Daniel Fritz and Tayfun Baydar) and sets off on an adventure trip to Finland with them. He also tells the story of a single mother (Lara Joy Körner) and her ailing 16-year-old daughter (Johanna Hens). The episode will air on November 22 at 20:15 the second.

While filming in Lapland, Florian Silbereisen was infected with the corona virus. However, his isolation shouldn’t have had any significant impact on the shoot, as reported by “”. It was shot in the spring of 2022.

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