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Netflix’s Marilyn Monroe Biopic ‘Blonde’ Gets Rare NC-17 Rating

This weekend marked the long-awaited theatrical premiere of the Netflix movie. Blond, which drew attention in part due to its NC-17 rating for some risque scenes.

While over the years there have been many iconic films about actress Marilyn Monroe, she is portrayed in a new and likable light by Ana de Armas, whose resume includes films like the comedian At loggerheads, no time to die, and Netflix’s 2022 action movie The Gray Man.

The film is written and directed by Andrew Dominik which presents a bold take on the Marilyn Monroe story. Its September debut at the Venice Film Festival was greeted with an 11-minute standing ovation by the audience after the credits.

But at the same time blond was critically acclaimed, it also earned an NC-17 rating due to the film’s strong sexual content. This is the first Netflix to receive an NC-17.

“It was a bit of a surprise,” Andrew Dominik, the film’s director, said in a social media post. “It was really #MeToo that made Blonde happen. It was a golden moment where you had to believe a woman’s point of view no matter what. Before, I think people were really uncomfortable with the way Blonde portrayed certain American sacred cows. And then it became a golden moment where it didn’t matter whether it was sacred cows or not. And that’s why it was done, which allowed . “it will happen in the end.”

The most recent major release to be marked with the NC-17 rating was the 2013 film Blue is the hottest color which was a critical success but was tagged with the rating due to its strong sexual content. This film earned $19.50 million at the box office.

Monroe’s affairs with influential figures including then-President John F. Kennedy and the circumstances of her death at just 36 mean the former Hollywood diva remains well-known for over 60 years. after his death.

“Our film isn’t linear or conventional; it’s meant to be a sensory and emotional experience,” De Armas said in an interview with Queue.

Based on the best-selling 2000 novel by Joyce Carol Oates, the story is about a scared young woman trapped in the career of a Hollywood superstar.

The film is full of recreations of scenes from classic Monroe movies like The Seven Year Itch other Men prefer blondes.

Alongside Cuban-born de Armas as Marilyn Monroe (née Norma Jeane Mortenson), the film’s star-studded cast takes on unnamed versions of other famous Hollywood characters, which Monroe fans should to be able to replenish quickly.

Adrien Brody and Bobby Cannavale play Monroe’s two husbands, The Playwright (writer Arthur Miller) and The Ex-Athlete, (baseball star Joe DiMaggio) and Julianne Nicholson plays Norma Jeane’s mother, Gladys. The film also features Sara Paxton, Xavier Samuel and Evan Williams.

blond is now playing in select theaters and will stream on Netflix starting September 28.

This story was provided to Pleasemynews by Zenger News.

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