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My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Way Thore confirms she has an open relationship with her Frenchman

TLC’s Whitney Way Thore has found a new way to deal with the challenge of a long-distance relationship. That My big fat fabulous life star hasn’t broken up with her unnamed French boyfriend, aka the Frenchman. But the pair have some new ground rules in their relationship.

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Whitney has been in a relationship with the Frenchman for more than a year. But since he lives in Paris and she lives in North Carolina, spending time together has been difficult.

“The Frenchman and I are still very much in a relationship, but being in a relationship with someone who lives on a different continent presents a lot of challenges,” White said in a clip from the October 11 episode My big fat fabulous life shared with people. In particular, the physical side of their relationship is missing, as she shared with friend Tal.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve filled a need,” Whitney said.

Instead of ending their long-distance romance, Whitney and the Frenchman have reached an agreement: they can occasionally meet up with others.

“We didn’t break up,” Whitney tells her friends in a clip from the Oct. 11 episode My big fat fabulous life (above Twitter). “But basically I was trying to figure out when we could see each other next and we talked about things and basically we put a new policy in place. A don’t ask, don’t tell politicians.”

“The Frenchman and I are realistic about the time we can see each other physically,” she explained in a confessional. “So we physically loosened the ties of our relationship.”

Whitney’s new deal with the Frenchman means she can have “a holiday adventure,” she said. Could this lead to her rekindling things with her ex-boyfriend Lennie? Not only is he part of the group trip to St. Lucia, but he and Whitney even share a hotel room.

Tal suspects that one thing could lead to another during the group’s Caribbean vacation.

“Whitney and Lennie seem to have developed this really strong platonic and professional relationship, but it seems like things are escalating quickly,” Tal said in a confessional. “Come to find out they share a room in St. Lucia.”

“I know Whitney still has her thing with the Frenchman, but what’s up with Lennie?” he added.

My big fat fabulous life airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC. Episodes stream same day on Discovery+.

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