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Movies you saw but didn’t realize ‘A Christmas Story’ star Peter Billingsley

Peter Billingsley stars in the sequel to a Christmas StoryA Christmas Story Christmas. However, the highly anticipated sequel isn’t a new role for Billingsley. The actor is actually reprising his role as Ralphie Parker. The role is arguably Billingsley’s most famous. Thanks to TBS, most people know exactly what the actor looked like when he was a kid. However, Billingsley has not sat on the sidelines waiting for the sequel. He has acted in several major films since the 1983 Christmas classic. You’ve seen him repeatedly in movies and may not have noticed.

While Billingsley worked fairly regularly throughout his childhood, his adult roles were a bit more muted. In 2006 he appeared in The Separation. The comedy took a close look at what happens when a couple ends their relationship but are forced to live together.

The film, starring Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn, remains a fan favorite for both its comedy and realistic ending. Billingsley portrayed Andrew, a member of the group of friends who is in the midst of Brooke and Gary’s very bitter breakup.

Billingsley appeared in another romantic comedy, albeit in a smaller role than in The Separation. Billingsley showed up briefly Four Christmases, the 2008 film starring Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon. Billingsley appeared in the film as a ticket agent.

In the Christmas classic, a young couple, Brad and Kate, face reality when their Christmas vacation is canceled after a fog falls over San Francisco. Since the duo were introduced in a message about stranded passengers, they had no choice but to visit their families over Christmas. The couple learns more from each other in one day than they have in their entire long-term relationship, and must face the possibility that things aren’t as perfect as they thought.

In 2008, Billingsley landed a role in iron man and officially joined the Marvel cinematic universe. He portrayed William Ginter Riva, a Stark Industry scientist who developed Stark Industries’ combat drones. While the role was relatively minor iron man, the character had a major impact on the universe. Billingsley reprized the role in Spider-Man: Far From Homeaccording to IMDb.

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While his character once worked for Tony Stark, he was later fired. Bitter about his sacking, William Ginter Riva became the antagonist. Billingsley is not currently involved with any future Marvel projects, although Riva’s whereabouts remain a mystery.

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