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Motsi Mabuse made serious accusations against her ex-husband: Timo Kulczak defends himself

Motsi Mabuse painted the picture of a toxic marriage. Now her ex-husband Timo Kulczak is reacting to the revelations and is upset.

He should control his life, hand over his own

finances and denied her the child’s desire. In the book “Finding My Own Rhythm”, Motsi Mabuse talks about her first marriage to Timo Kulczak, which ended after eleven years. You can read more about the details here.

Despite these negative memories, the “Let’s Dance” juror is actually still friends with her ex-husband and former dance partner – and that’s what the 45-year-old has to face, as she explains to “Bunte”: “I don’t” I don’t even know how I feel and why Motsi writes something like that about me. We had a great relationship until the end and we even talked regularly on the phone. “

Even after the book was published, the current dance coach contacted his ex-wife: “Then she just replied that she hadn’t said all this, the media got away with it. She was annoyed. I asked her about it. To clarify this on her Instagram account, she replied that I should contact her ‘legal team’, her attorney, and that it would be better to find one myself. “

He took to heart the advice that would be represented by Offenburg’s lawyer Samy Hammad. He has an idea of ​​what Mabuse’s ulterior motives might be: “I think it is morally and ethically highly reprehensible to present yourself as a victim of a marriage to increase the sales of your book. Because of course that’s what this is about, otherwise Mrs. Mabuse would have corrected media reports. “

The 41-year-old’s behavior was “unfair” and, in the eyes of the lawyer, “legally inadmissible”. “Ms. Mabuse has a moral and legal obligation to correct this problem. The fact that she does not want to do this, as the correspondence I have shown shows, is completely unacceptable to my client,” she points out.

Kulczak also addresses the dance expert’s statements, for example that she would check her income: “We each had our own account and we also had a joint one. And from that account – and God knows there wasn’t. luck – we’ve denied everything: our lives, our travels to tournaments, the cost of dance training, the clothes, everything. ” His “Let’s Dance” share was not directly transferred to him, as Mabuse claims.

She also responded to the accusation that she had determined her own diet: “Motsi just didn’t cook by herself. Yes, maybe I surprised her with dinner, but more to make her happy.” She also sees the fact that he denied her the dream of having children of her: “Of course I wanted her to have children. But not at the time. We were competitive athletes and a child would have meant the end of her career. And then I had to tidy up. “.

In general, Mabuse drew the image of an unhappy marriage, talked about daily quarrels, but the dance officer could not remember them. “For me these were the best years of my life. From the moment I met her, I tried to make Motsi happy and take care of her. I don’t think she ever gave the impression of being with me. going well. ” The divorce ended up being peaceful.

He then diagnoses his ex with a “flowery fantasy” and concludes with her: “In the future I would like to lead my life in which she no longer takes part. I am deeply disappointed and offended that she does not put everything into it. Right.”

The ex-husbands met in 1999, when Mabuse was 18 years old. In 2003 they said yes. The couple also danced together, while Mabuse also made the leap to television during their relationship. Since 2011 she has been an integral part of the “Let’s Dance” jury. Kulczak and Mabuse divorced in 2014. In reality, they were still friends afterwards, but this relationship appears to have been shattered by recent events.

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