Wednesday, October 5, 2022

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More than 50,000 visitors for Images Vevey

The 8th edition of Images Vevey saw a record turnout. The Biennale, which ends on Sunday, has seen more than 50,000 visitors in three weeks.

This corresponds to more than 250,000 cumulative indoor admissions, organizers said on Friday, describing this edition as “extraordinary”. The approximately fifty custom-made photographic projects by artists from 25 countries made the event shine “beyond the region and the Swiss borders”, the press release continues.

The festival sees an increase in foreign visitors and benefits from international media coverage. Images Vevey was also a hit on social networks, like his TikTok account, which recorded more than 3.2 million views for one of his publications.

The event on the subject of coexistence was held free of charge and offered at several locations in the city. According to the organizers, the audience had many favourites. They cite in particular the course of monumental installations by Thomas Struth and in particular his photograph of Milan Cathedral, reproduced over 500 square meters in the heart of the city.

Inside, several exhibitions have been successful, be it the portraits of female prisoners by Bettina Rheims, the image and sound installation by Ryoji Ikeda or even the projection of the performance by Marina Abramovic & Ulay. Outside, the installation by Deanna Dikeman, who spent 27 years photographing her parents, “particularly moved the public,” the press release continued.

Note that some exhibitions will continue beyond the end of the event. L’Appartement, Images Vevey’s new permanent location, is extending its four exhibitions until November 13th. Roger Eberhard’s exhibition at the Swiss Camera Museum, which commemorates the Swiss tradition of coffee cream lids, will continue until January 3rd.

The most important visual arts biennial in Switzerland, Images Vevey, returns in September 2024. Until then, the event focuses on the organization of the Grand Prix Images Vevey in 2023, the presentation of around fifteen new projects in the “Apartment and development of Editions Images Vevey. Projects abroad are also planned, in particular next April in Kyoto, Japan.

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