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Meghan and Harry’s hashtags send Twitter users down a ‘crazy rabbit hole’

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton and Prince William are among the royals who are the subject of negative hashtags that Twitter’s algorithm nudges users towards, Pleasemynews found.

The social media platform suggests possible search terms based on content that other users have viewed.

However, Christopher Bouzy of Bot Sentinel said Pleasemynews it gave anti-fan communities a way to bring content hostile to the Royal Family to the surface.

Some of the hashtags and search terms suggested by the Twitter search box for Pleasemynews were problematic to the point that they could not be printed by any respectable outlet, including conspiracy theories about the mental health of royal children.

Others contained allegations that could result in defamation suits if printed by a mainstream media company, Pleasemynews has been said.

Twitter has been approached for comment.

Bouzy said: “The algorithms, they believe that’s what people want to see. When you put ‘Meghan’ or ‘Harry’, the algorithm, it fills in the rest for you and more than likely it will be something. negative thing. My opinion is that it needs to be fixed.

“This is an important issue that people like me are screaming into the void about.”

Typing “Meghan” into Twitter’s search box prompted the social media platform to come up with the hashtags “#MeghanMarkleGoHome” and “#MeghanMarkleBulliedCharlotte”.

Typing “#Meghan” prompted Twitter to suggest “#MeghanMarkleIsAGrifter”, “#MeghanMarkleisaRacist”, and “#MeghanMarkleExposed”.

Meanwhile, “#PrinceHarry” triggered the “PrinceHarryIsATraitor” suggestion while “Kate Middleton” leads to “Kate Middleton is mean” and “#KateMiddleton” leads to “#Katemiddletonisabully”.

Typing “#PrinceWilliam” led to “#PrinceWilliamisaBully” and “#KingCharles” led to “#KingCharlestheCruel”.

Mark Stephens, a media lawyer with UK law firm Howard Kennedy, said Pleasemynews: “It is clearly possible that this is defamation, the problem is of course to prove how many people it was offered to.

“But I think it’s reasonable to infer that it would have been offered to a significant number of people, because otherwise it wouldn’t have been planned.

“The algorithm takes what other people put as an option, but no one checks those algorithms for defamatory content.”

Stephens said he thinks some of the hashtags relating to the royal children could give rise to a privacy lawsuit.

He added: “They need to think about it more carefully. Just because people search for defamatory terms doesn’t mean you should serve them and that’s part of this AI. They need to learn how to have appropriate levels of protection in them. “

Bouzy said: “What’s happening here is that there are people spamming all this negative stuff, these hashtags.

“It takes people down this crazy rabbit hole. You put Meghan Markle on and you can see something like ‘Meghan Markle is a narcissist’ or ‘Meghan Markle is a con man’ or something like that.

“Your curiosity leads you to click on it and all of a sudden you see all these crazy tweets from people who have been doing this non-stop for months.”

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