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Meghan and Harry Royal Unity survive for funeral – now the real test begins

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have helped the Royal Family rest Queen Elizabeth II after years of royal strife and strife – with their delicate truce repeatedly tested during 11 days of public mourning.

Princess Charlotte, 7, and Prince George, 9, appeared emotional, a tear was seen on Meghan’s cheek, and Prince William and Harry put aside their differences to walk side by side behind the coffin of Elizabeth.

The day Britain said goodbye to its longest reigning monarch, whose 70 years as head of state saw her become one of the world’s most popular public figures, who also been a day to put aside conflicts and difficult feelings.

Prince Harry wore a morning suit, refused the military uniform that symbolizes his two frontline tours in Afghanistan and was not allowed to salute as family members around him with military careers less impressive—if any military display at all—than in uniforms derived from honorary military titles.

Meghan joined Kate Middleton and her children at the Abbey without their husbands, 18 months after telling Oprah Winfrey the new Princess of Wales left her in tears after an argument at a bridesmaids fitting.

Not much was said between the women, at least not much was recorded on camera, although the summery atmosphere may mean it’s not particularly surprising.

Admittedly, there was little conversation not only between Meghan and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, when they shared a car arriving and leaving the Abbey but there were also only a few visible exchanges between Kate and Camilla, who were driven with Prince George and the Princess. Charlotte.

The day may simply have been too sad and the glare of the media spotlight too intense for small talk in front of the cameras.

Meghan has spent a lot of time in public with the royal family without her husband by her side – a rare occurrence even during her time as a senior royal.

Prince Harry took part in three processions, including the second, which stretched over an hour from Westminster Abbey to Hyde Park as part of the Royal Unity Show in honor of Elizabeth .

However, now that the funeral is over, public protests in times of mourning will inevitably give way to distance for a family now living on opposite sides of the Atlantic.

Harry and Meghan return to major decisions on the current state of their business plans, with the Spotify podcast Archetypes waiting out of respect for the queen.

Early episodes included some subtle and less subtle strokes to the palate. Even if the remaining pre-recorded conversations don’t include any broadsides against the monarchy, the tone will likely have been too jovial for the aftermath of the biggest state funeral Britain has ever had.

The show runs on Tuesdays, which hypothetically means an episode would be released on September 20, the day after Elizabeth’s last trip to St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, where she was buried alongside her husband Philip.

The facilities which were abandoned in August and September were full of laughter and humor which is perfectly acceptable in normal times but would be shocking in the context of a period of royal mourning which lasts seven days after the funeral.

Then there are Harry’s memoirs, widely believed to contain at least some criticism of the monarchy due to the deep-seated feelings he once made public about his experiences trying to get help from members of his family. family while dealing with hostile media.

The Prince and Penguin Random House will have to decide if they can stick to their original publishing schedule and, if a postponement is necessary, how long it will take for the dust to settle.

However, another question lingers in the aftermath of 11 extraordinary days of national grief in Britain.

On the day the Queen died and the period that followed, there were many difficult times for Prince Harry, when he had to put aside his personal feelings and pride so that the focus could stay on Elizabeth.

However, if the last four years have shown anything, it is the wounds left untreated that can fester and return even years later.

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