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Meek Mill and Drake created Going Bad in 3 days and made over $20 million

Drake and Meek Mill went from fighting each other to working together in music. In 2018, the two rappers released Going Bad, a collaboration on Mill’s 2018 album championships. According to Mill, the song came about in a quick and unexpected way.

Meek Mill and Drake first came together on Meek’s song “Amen” in 2012. In 2015, they collaborated again on Mill’s song “RICO,” but after the song’s release, Mill claimed Drake used a ghostwriter for his role in the song.

Drake then released not one but two diss tracks aimed at Mill: “Charged Up” and “Back to Back”. Meek responded with the track “Wanna Know”. Not long after, Drake performed a song called “3Peat” at OVO Fest, which indicated he was ready to release a third diss track, but it was never officially released.

Their beef would continue for years to come as they traded on songs like Drake’s “Summer Sixteen” and Mills’ “War Pain.” At the same time, Nicki Minaj – Drake’s Young Money labelmate who took the stage with him at the turn of the 2010s – was in a relationship with Mill.

The two finally reconciled in September 2018 when Drake brought Mill onstage in Boston to perform his hit “Dreams and Nightmares (Intro).” They went on to collaborate on the song “Going Bad” on Mill’s album championshipspublished in November 2018.

Mill took to Twitter in November 2022 to reflect on his career, including his Going Bad collaboration with Drake.

“Don’t give me a plaque, give me the financial paper on how much the song I recorded for 20k made 20million… No award… I’m out of the trenches, I don’t want this, I want an estate,” wrote him during a Twitter Q&A. “I want my whole family tree to conquer the ghetto!”

He went on to share how quickly “Going Bad” came about.

“I asked Drake to do this song 3 days before the release of my album,” Mill reveals. “I think he did it for me for free. We cooked it…. As [the f***] I don’t know how much I made from a song that made that much…they gave me a plaque. Great mental trickery!”

Both Meek Mill and Drake have continued to release music and find success as rappers. Drake has released two full-length albums in 2022. He has released his seventh studio album Honestly forget it in June and November he teamed up with 21 Savage for the joint album your loss.

Mill, meanwhile, released his fifth studio album expensive pain in October 2021. In November 2022 he was released flamers 5his latest release in his flamers mixtape series.

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