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May 6: Is Charles’s coronation date a nuisance for Harry and Meghan?

Buckingham Palace has announced the date of the coronation of Charles III. announced. On this day, however, another family member should be in the center.

It’s official: the coronation ceremony of the King of England Charles III. will take place on 6 May next year in Westminster Abbey in London.

Buckingham Palace announced this Tuesday in a statement. At the time of his coronation, Elizabeth II’s eldest son will be king for eight months. With her mother’s death on September 8, she succeeded her to her throne after her 70-year reign.

There had been speculation since then about a possible coronation date for Charles. British media had predicted early June, but it has now become a day when another member of the royal family should actually be the center of attention. May 6 is the birthday of Charles’ grandson Archie. The eldest son of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan turns four.

After the announcement, a heated discussion broke out on social media on the question: the next trouble in the royal family? The relationship between Charles and Harry has been strained since the Sussexes resigned from royal duties in early 2020. The fact that his father chose this date for his coronation could cause dissatisfaction for the 38-year-old and his wife.

Critics of the royal family, who tend to remain loyal to the Sussexes, intuit calculations or even a deliberate provocation behind the palace’s decision. Either way, it should throw an interesting light on how Harry and Meghan will prioritize the day. Because if the couple, who lives in the United States with their two children, attended the ceremony in Great Britain, they would have to forgo the celebrations for their son Archie. It is also debatable whether Harry and Meghan will be invited.

Before the date was announced, it was assumed that Charles would prefer a shortened version of the official accession to the throne. The celebration is said to do justice to his vision of a leaner, more modern monarchy. Instead of the three-hour coronation of his late mother Elizabeth II in 1952, Charles’s ceremony should last less than an hour, it is said. The guest list also needs to be significantly reduced, and some ostentatious rituals need to be eliminated.

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