Wednesday, October 5, 2022

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Maureen Lipman reveals she had a premonition the Queen was going to die

Maureen Lipman had a premonition that the Queen was about to die just before the monarch’s death was announced on September 8.

Speaking to Kirsty Young during the BBC’s coverage of the Queen’s funeral on Monday, the 76-year-old actress said she felt compelled to text one of her Coronation Street co-stars following her “strange experience”.

Kirsty said: “You were preparing to go on stage 11 days ago when you heard the news that stopped so many of us. How did you react?’

Maureen replied, “I had a premonition, Kirsty. I actually texted a friend in Corrie, “I think the Queen is going to die,” I just had one of these weird experiences, and then I thought the show was going to be cancelled.

“It was in Manchester, it was a one woman show, I didn’t think anyone was going to play that night. But the directors got through that we should all move on. And all I can say is that it’s quite a harrowing show, as well… but all I can say is that that night it was very tender.

“Because my reaction was immediately instinctive. I immediately sobbed and then the show literally had to go on.

Lipman has met the queen six times and previously referred to the royal as a “geezer” after visiting the soap set in July 2021.

In October of the same year, Maureen Lipman was appointed Dame Commander of the British Empire by Charles, then Prince of Wales, in recognition of her distinguished career and charity work.

King Charles appeared in tears at his mother’s state funeral in Westminster Abbey, which ended with two minutes’ silence, the Last Post and the national anthem. The monarch also looked emotional as he saluted as his mother left Wellington Arch in a hearse this afternoon.

In a day of pomp and poignant symbolism, sadness was written on the faces of Charles, his siblings and children, as well as the huge crowds who descended on The Mall, Whitehall and Parliament Square to bid farewell to the beloved monarch as her coffin was carried the abbey on a carriage.

Members of the royal family, including the king, marched poignantly behind while others including the Princess of Wales and her children George and Charlotte, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex all looked on at the crowd as they passed them in vehicles.

The poignant scenes followed an extraordinary and emotional state funeral attended by 2,000 VIPs, royals, prime ministers and several hundred ordinary Britons chosen by the Queen, who died 11 days ago. The Archbishop of Canterbury described the Queen as “touching a multitude of lives” and having been a “joyful” figure to many.

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