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‘Martha bloody Stewart!’ Kris Jenner tries to impress lifestyle guru with a tour of her new home

While it’s never terribly surprising for any number of celebrities to appear in any given episode of Hulu’s The Kardashians, beloved lifestyle guru Marha Stewart gave Khloe Kardashian the surprise of a lifetime.

Kris Jenner invited 81-year-old Stewart to lunch to offer her a tour of her new home and also to talk about a housewarming gift for Khloe: a peacock.

It turns out peacocks are one of Stewart’s many interests, as Kris asked for advice on what to expect from the colorful creatures.

“Guess who’s coming to lunch today? Martha fucks Stewart,” Kris says in the confession, adding that she’s probably Martha’s biggest fan.

Martha is bringing her “Director of Design,” Kevin Sharkey, to lunch when Kris says Khloe will be “so surprised” that she’s there.

“Martha is here because I want to surprise Khloe with a housewarming gift. I want to buy her a peacock,” Kris says in the confession.

“I just wanted to distract Khloe from everything she’s going through,” as Martha shares pictures of her peacocks with Kris.

Kris adds that when Khloe had her first house, she had a peacock named Petey, and she overheard Martha Stewart raising peacocks.

Kris gives Martha a tour of her home as Martha says her closet is “so amazing” as Kris says they all have a “glamorous room” in their homes.

Kris tells Martha that she had the “worst week” of tearing a labrum because Martha knows exactly what that means: “hip prosthesis”.

‘I did that. I did that 15 years ago,” says Martha Kris. ‘Do it. Don’t be scared,” Martha adds, but Kris admits that she gets “scream scared” and freaks out thinking about it, but Martha tells her, “Don’t be scared.”

Kris added that 81-year-old Martha “looks so fabulous and she comes around like it’s nobody’s business, so I feel like there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

Martha shows Kris some of her peacocks and Martha says she “loves the noise” the peacocks make

Khloe is on her way over when Kris and Martha go into the kitchen while Kris goes out to meet Khloe and tells her to go into the kitchen but Khloe is already skeptical.

‘What’s really in there?’ Khloe asks but Kris says, “Nothing,” as Khloe walks up to Martha and yells, “Oh my god!”

“I’m the new sous chef,” Martha jokes as she shakes Khloe’s hand and Martha says Kris is a “big prankster.”

“I love Martha Stewart! i love entertainment i love organization I love animals. I love flowers. I love these things. I also love that Martha isn’t a snitch and it’s like my kind of girl,” Khloe added in the confession.

They sit down for lunch and Martha says she doesn’t, “reads all the stuff” before asking Khloe if she has a husband.

‘I don’t. I recently broke up with my daughter’s father. He had a baby with someone else while we were together,” Khloe tells Martha, who adds, “Oh, that’s not nice.”

Kris says one of the reasons she reached out to Martha is because she saw her on The Ellen Show talking about her peacocks.

“I remembered Petey, so I want to buy you a peacock as a housewarming gift,” Kris says to Khloe, who doesn’t know how to react.

Khloe added in the confession: “I’ve never said I wanted a peacock. My daughter doesn’t like dogs. I am working on a dog. Do you think my daughter will want a life size bird to chase her around? She won’t even be near a puppy. Absolutely not.’

Martha shows her photos of the peacocks and Khloe says they are “very serious” when Khloe realizes why Kris is pushing for it.

“You want a peacock, but you don’t really want a peacock, so you’ll do it on my property, but if you’re having a dinner party, you’ll lead the peacock to your house, I guarantee you,” Khloe says in the confession .

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