Sunday, September 25, 2022

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Married groom Mikey Pembroke suffers an emergency after a brutal MMA fight

He may have won his first-ever MMA fight over the weekend.

But Married At First Sight’s Mikey Pembroke ended up in hospital for emergency surgery after the brutal match.

On Tuesday, the reality star, 31, revealed his swollen and disfigured jaw and said he needed surgery to drain it.

“Okay, change of plans. We’re going to need surgery and they’re going to cut it open and drain it because there’s something going on inside,” he explained on his Instagram Stories.

“And I’ve had to fast for the last 24 hours because they’re worried that something is wrong.”

At some point, Mikey’s father, anesthetist Dr. Sydney’s Andrew Pembroke, his son’s hospital room while on the phone “calling the hospital doctors”.

Later that night, Mikey returned to Instagram to show the effects of the ketamine nurses gave him for the pain.

He said he thought he was dying, adding: “I thought I was a blood [unintelligible] go through the body. Crap.’

Mikey was left with one side of his face swollen and “pus-filled” after his intense mixed martial arts match over the weekend.

He could barely speak as he revealed his injury to fans on his Instagram Stories.

“Look at this infection on the side of my face,” he said. “There’s pus in there too.”

His brother Thomas Pembroke paid him a heartfelt tribute after his great performance.

“I’m so proud of my little brother regardless of the outcome,” he wrote.

“He has spent the last 20 weeks getting up at 4am to train and prepare to be locked in a cage with another man and risk everything. The dedication, courage and humility you have shown has been impressive.”

“The win and such a brilliant performance was a final knot in the bow and I couldn’t be prouder,” he added.

Last year, Mikey took a break from alcohol for several weeks, which did wonders for his body, and months later, Mikey celebrated his decision to eliminate alcohol from his life entirely.

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