Tuesday, October 4, 2022

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Married At First Sight fans have come up with a bizarre conspiracy theory about the 2023 season

The teaser trailer for the new season of Married At First Sight has been released and fans immediately noticed something suspicious.

When eagle-eyed viewers saw the teaser, which premiered on Channel Nine’s Upfronts Wednesday night, they noticed that the opening couple looked eerily familiar.

Jesse Burford and his MAFS bride Claire Nomarhas appear to be the spitting image of one of the show’s most successful couples, Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli.

When the wedding reveler from Perth and the Melbourne childcare worker stood at the altar and met for the first time, fans couldn’t help but point out that Jesse looks exactly like Michael before he cut his hair.

The 2019 MAFS groom wore a man bun during his season, and Jesse debuted his own half-up-do.

Both also share a similar facial structure coupled with the same complexion and hazel eyes.

Meanwhile, fans have compared Claire’s facial structure, dark brown eyes and slightly curled hair to a mix of Martha and Carolina Santos from the show’s 2022 season.

One wrote on Twitter: “Is it just me or do they literally look like Michael and Martha 2.0?”

“He looks so much like Michael before he cuts his hair, it’s crazy. She kind of looks like Martha but also a little bit like Carolina,” said another.

Others went on to suggest producers will cast more “lookalikes” to recreate the show’s romantic achievements, after contestants were recently accused of only going on the show to find fame and not love.

“Wait a minute, the next couple is going to be an unhappy redhead who marries an average Joe,” said one Facebook user, referring to Jules Robinson and Cam Merchant, who are now truly married and have a son together.

Martha and Michael are now engaged and are expecting their first child together next year.

Friends described Jesse as a “really fun guy” who was “super chilled, considerate, honest and down to earth.”

Though little is known about Claire, a former boyfriend has called the bride a “banger” and claimed she “caused a lot of trouble in high school.”

The cast is joined by pundits Mel Schilling, John Aitken and Alessandra Rampolla, all of whom will return for season ten next year.

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