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Markus Lanz’s guests on October 12th

Markus Lanz invites you to an interview three times a week. The moderator welcomes these guests today, Wednesday 12 October 2022.

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday late in the evening, Markus Lanz talks to guests from different areas on different topics. It can be about political or socially relevant news.

At the moment, talks on the show increasingly revolve around Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine and the consequences that entails.

Here is an overview of the short guest list for Wednesday 12 October and the topics that will be discussed.

ZDF broadcasts a 45-minute edition of “Markus Lanz” this Wednesday at midnight. The program will then be available in the media library.

Markus Lanz has been moderating the talk show named after him since 2008. There has been no studio audience since the start of the corona pandemic in 2020. It should remain that way in the future, as was decided in March 2022. In 2021, the show has received the German Television Award in the “Best Information” category.

Lanz will soon receive another award: the Bavarian Prime Minister’s honorary award, the Blue Panther TV & Streaming Award. The 53-year-old will receive the award on October 19 in Munich. Markus Söder said: “Markus Lanz is an intelligent, persistent and always meticulously prepared talk show host.” With his show of him, he brings debates and complex topics closer to his audience in an understandable and entertaining way. He has “achieved a unique position on the German television scene”.

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