Tuesday, October 4, 2022

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Mama June was hospitalized with a severe headache and dizziness… but she says she has NOT relapsed

Mama June: Road To Redemption star June Shannon has been hospitalized after a routine checkup with her doctor.

The 43-year-old reality star first informed her doctor Monday that she had recently been suffering from a painful headache and dizziness at a regularly scheduled appointment, she told TMZ on Wednesday.

But after hearing the news, her doctor was apparently concerned enough to refer her to have the condition checked out.

June told the outlet that she has been in the hospital non-stop since her alarming appointment.

So far, she said, doctors have performed multiple tests and scans on her, but none of the medics have been able to diagnose her.

June, who is as baffled as the doctors as to what’s wrong with her, was certain of one thing: she wasn’t relapsing.

The reality star has publicly struggled with drug addiction, which has been partially addressed in her current reality series, Mama June: Road To Redemption.

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