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MAFS Matt claims he didn’t cheat on wife Gemma… and insisted they were “separated for 7 days”.

Married At First Sight’s Matt Murray has claimed he didn’t cheat on his wife Gemma Rose during the show, despite spending the night with co-star Whitney Hughes during the couples’ retreat week.

The 32-year-old hairstylist insisted he and his wife “hadn’t been together for seven days” at the time of their new romance, and recently took to Instagram to offer his take on the situation, emphatically stating that it was “no betrayal.” “ give. ‘

It comes after MailOnline exclusively revealed that the tattooed hunk will be spending the night with Whitney, who married Duka Cavoli on the show, during next week’s episodes – while their partners stay under the same roof.

Speaking to his 32.3k followers, Matt stated firmly, “There was no cheating, there was no betrayal. Me and Gemma hadn’t been together in seven days and we were more apart than we’d ever been together.

“It’s a bit cheesy because it kind of ruins the show, doesn’t it? But yeah, we didn’t even talk. Especially after this week’s episodes – before we go on the short vacation, I specifically asked the production to go home.

“I didn’t want to be here anymore and had bigger things to do at home than trying to make something work and I was asked to stay until the next commitment ceremony or it wouldn’t make sense to the audience,’ he Castle.

But despite Matt’s refusal to brand the incident a “cheating”, a TV insider told MailOnline that his wife Gemma “broke down in tears” during the retreat.

The insider explained, “Whitney and Matt really shocked the rest of the cast by cheating on their partners — not just because of the injuries but because of the circumstances.

“The couples had gone on a couples retreat and wanted to focus on their relationships, but Whitney and Matt had other ideas.

“Gemma, who thought she had met the love of her life in Matt, was devastated, while Duka did everything in her power to give his marriage to Whitney a chance.”

MailOnline has reached out to E4 for comment.

Matt and Gemma got off to an electric start when they first met, with an instant attraction and connection on their wedding day.

But things quickly took a turn when the latter’s sexual advances and descriptive remarks edged out Matt – as he branded the behavior “too much”.

And after a frigid honeymoon that saw Matt accuse his wife of having fun at a restaurant table, the two encountered even more obstacles in this week’s episodes as they struggle to overcome their differences.

Over the next week, the cast will be shown setting off on a couples retreat where Whitney and Matt will turn their attention to each other rather than their partners, with their attraction reaching a boiling point.

Whitney and her husband Duka got married in the first episode of the series, but their relationship was doomed from the start.

Personal assistant Whitney was looking for a “massive brick one-man house,” but described her husband Duka as a “shed.”

She was criticized by viewers after not giving Duka a chance and even confessed at the altar that she was tempted to “run”.

Whitney said: “I hope as I walk down the aisle I see a massive brick house of a man, he must be tall, have a thick, luxuriant beard, I won’t settle for anything less than perfect…

“I wanted a man to tower over me like a massive house, like a brick house, compared to a house maybe like a shed.”

The show sees a panel of “dating experts” match singletons based on values, personality, looks and lifestyle – with the new couples only meeting at the altar for the first time.

The couples then have to live life as a married couple and speed up the dating process into a relationship while learning to get to know each other and be a married couple.

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