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MAFS’ Adrian looks unrecognizable as he shaves his head

MAFS star Adrian Sanderson’s husband, Thomas Hartley, famously said, “Captain Curtains can f**k off” in an iconic line on the show after a furious bust.

The snide remark was in reference to his dislike of his 90s.

And it seems he’s gotten his wish, as Adrian, 37, took to social media to reveal he’s shaved his head.

And in a question-and-answer session on Instagram, Adrian was asked why he isn’t following Thomas, 31, on social media, leading fans to worry they have split.

He wrote: “None of the cast members should follow each other. You are naughty.’

It’s not yet clear which of the couples from the E4 reality show are staying together and who is now because the series isn’t over yet.

And Adrian explained that neither couple was actually supposed to follow producers’ requests on social media to keep things under wraps.

And while Adrian and Thomas have had a number of horrific arguments on the show, most people are hoping their growth as a couple will keep them together.

They appear to have become closer in recent weeks as Adrian has gained Thomas’ confidence and helped him open up about a painful past.

Viewers were recently brought to tears when couples were asked by the experts to pick one thing they would change about their partner.

Rather than say anything negative, Adrian said, “I would change situations in life that led you to your defense.

“I would change any of them, and I would stand there in front of them and smack them away.”

Thomas got emotional and said, “Let me just say, I respect you, you listened to me and heard me, and I love you as a person and really care about you.”

‘You mean the world to me. Thank you for having my back.’

“That’s fine,” Adrian replied. ‘It is in order.’

The moving exchange came just a day after Adrian branded Thomas a “gas lighter” in another explosive series.

“You’re bloody pathetic,” Thomas said, before Adrian replied, “That’s it, I feel like I’ve finally been pushed over the edge.”

Previously, Thomas was “overwhelmed” when Adrian surprised him with his singing talent.

As part of Yes Week, Adrian decided to serenade Thomas on stage with his favorite song, The Impossible Dream, during a private performance.

Adrian said: “So for my ‘yes week’ I know we’ve struggled to share things and it’s one of the most important and emotional things in my life.

“You told me you wanted me to shine, command a room, today I’ll try to command the stage.”

Thomas said: “I feel overwhelmed like I’m being serenaded! It’s so nice to watch him doing something he loves, being up there on stage, Adrian is the brightest star!

“I’m just very proud of him and very happy. I think Adrian wants to start sharing more of himself with me, it just makes me open up more. It makes me trust him.”

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