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Made in Chelsea’s Sophie Hermann goes TOPLESS on Formentera during a sun-soaked beach trip with friends

She is currently enjoying a sun-kissed getaway to Formentera.


And Made In Chelsea’s Sophie Hermann left nothing to the imagination as she went topless during a beach trip with friends in Spain on Saturday.


The reality star, 35, showed off her incredible figure in a pair of orange polka dot bikini bottoms while taking a dip in the sea.


Rocking the wet hair look, Sophie opted for a fresh-faced look beneath stylish white-rimmed sunglasses.


She wore a white choker-style necklace, gold hoop earrings and a ring while on the phone.


Her pal also showed off her ample assets during the outing as the girls top up their tans by the sea.


It comes after Sophie revealed she’s embarked on a “quest for immortality and eternal beauty” with a £7,000 ‘Death Becomes Her Facial’ and insists she’s “not guilt-ridden for being graceful.” to age”.


The television personality began her cosmetic adventure by jetting off to Istanbul, Turkey for stem cell treatment after being inspired by the 1992 black comedy in which fading actresses drink eternal potions of youth.


She insisted she once resembled The Joker after a case of botched fillers in 2017, but quickly disintegrated while watching herself on TV.


In an exclusive interview with MailOnline, Sophie explained how the procedure began when plastic surgeon Dr. Tiryaki sucked a “tiny bit” of fat from her thigh at Gayrettepe Florence Nightingale Hospital.


He then degraded the substance for her stem cells in an “amazing machine” before re-injecting it into her “facial bones and every layer of skin epidermis.”


She continued, “And they also did a bit of micro, it’s called Nano Fat Transfer, on the temples and cheekbones to restore bone structure.”


Discussing her love for the film Death Becomes Her, which stars Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn as fading stars trying to outdo each other with immortality concoctions, she gushed, “This is one of my top three films.


“The idea of ​​actually extending your life or even achieving immortality kills me. It’s better than any orgasm I can imagine.


“I am in constant quest for the Holy Grail of immortality and beauty forever.”

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