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Luke Macfarlane reveals Hallmark’s reaction to his departure

Luke Macfarlane recently revealed that after his new movie, he probably won’t be making any new Hallmark movies this Christmas season. He also shared how the network reacted to the news of his departure and his big box office premiere.

“I’ve been doing romantic comedies with Hallmark for a long time and they’ve given me an incredible opportunity to learn how to kind of be in that genre… they’re really excited for me,” Macfarlane told People.

Macfarlane has a starring role in the new movie “Bros”, which sometimes lightly pokes fun at the romantic genre in which Hallmark operates. People even reported that the movie even has its own fictional TV network called Hallheart.

Macfarlane said he is grateful that Hallmark gave him so many lead roles.

He told People: “I think Hallmark is also a place where, you know, they give people a lot of opportunities. They gave me, an openly gay actor, the chance to shine as always as a straight guy, so that was really cool of them.”

However, in an interview with LA Times, Macfarlane broke the news that he will likely leave Hallmark after his new movie, which is currently called “Christmas Village.” This will be his 14th film with the network.

“They’ve been really good to me, but I think I’ve told my story to those people for now,” Macfarlane told LA Times. “I mean, how many firefighters can I play?”

However, he is grateful for his time at Hallmark and appreciates all the opportunities he has had, as he has shared in multiple interviews.

He told Yahoo: “Hallmark has given me jobs for a long time. And not just gay best friend – they let me be a leading man. I will always be very grateful to them for that.”

Vanity Fair reported that Macfarlane’s multi-film contract expires this fall. The multi-photo deal was announced earlier this year, Deadline reports. At the time, the announcement didn’t mention how long the deal would last, just that it was for multiple movies.

His new movie, “Bros,” will premiere on September 30. Universal Pictures wrote of the film: “Universal Pictures is proud to present the first major studio romantic comedy about two gay men who may, possibly, probably stumble toward love. Could be. They’re both very busy.”

Macfarlane has been busy filming his new Hallmark movie, Just Jared reported. The movie is called “Christmas Village”.

According to TV Shows Ace, he is filming the movie with Alison Sweeney.

His first film with Hallmark was “The Memory Book” in 2014.

Crown Media has signed numerous stars to multi-picture deals with the Hallmark Channel. Andrew Walker signed an exclusive contract with the company. His deal is one of many, including new deals with Lacey Chabert, Holly Robinson Peete, Brennan Elliott, Jonathan Bennett, Taylor Cole and Ryan Paevey.

Others have signed with GAC Media. Danica McKellar signed an exclusive three-year contract with GAC Media, and Jen Lilley and Trevor Donovan also signed contracts with the network.

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