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Love Island’s Jess and Eve Gale give themselves courage to boost their confidence in fast-paced shoots

Their Instagram pages are full of stunning snaps of them turning heads in a series of sizzling ensembles.

But Love Island twins Jess and Eve Gale have admitted they sometimes need to give each other “words of encouragement” before racy photoshoots as they don’t always feel like the sexy figures fans see in photos.

In an exclusive interview with MailOnline during the launch of her Christmas lingerie collection with Nikki Intimates, the 23-year-old siblings explained that they needed confidence before stepping in front of the camera, noting: “If you look edgy, it will just don’t work!’

Ever since they rose to fame in the sixth series of Love Island in 2020, the girls have continued to stun with stunning model shoots showcasing their equally stunning figures.

But Jess and Eve shared how there’s an element of “pretend to make it” when they put on a smile and strut into the studio with confidence, even though they don’t necessarily feel like it.

Detailing how they’re handling it, particularly about their recent shoot with the lingerie brand, Eve said, “Even though we seem very confident on the shoots, I feel like inside I’m like, ‘Oh my god, I don’t feel it!’

“I’m just trying to convey that because I don’t want to come across as nervous.”

While Jess added: “We were literally in the bathroom for the shoot, and we gave ourselves a pep talk and were like, ‘Okay, let’s go out there and be confident and just do that!

“Because that’s the only way you can feel safe during a lingerie shoot. They gave us these robes to wear because in the studio there’s the cameraman, the videographer, the makeup artist, the hairdressers – all these people you’ve never met and you literally walk out in lingerie!

“So it’s nerve-wracking at first, but we just said to ourselves that we have to be confident here. If you crawl into your robe and seem nervous, it just won’t work – you have to be proud and put that confident face on or everyone will be embarrassed!”

And while the blonde beauties encourage each other to feel their sexiest selves, they have the same advice for their fans who might not be feeling so confident.

They said, “One of the best things is to really get out of your head. A lot of people aren’t sure what other people might be thinking, and they might have the limelight effect by thinking “everybody’s looking at me.” But really, what you see is completely irrelevant to everyone else.

“I’ve never met anyone who is 100 percent confident in themselves. But there’s also a bit of pretense before you pull it off.

“If you walk out the door in an outfit you like and you’re dressed well and you’re like, ‘I look beautiful today,’ that’s going to come across. Body language and what you tell yourself is really important.”

They continued, “It sounds really cliche, but the more you try to love yourself and embrace your own body, the more it shows in the way you carry yourself. There’s no real guide to what looks good. It’s very fortunate on social media that in this generation you see people who are all different heights, people are very body positive.”

Jess added, “I’m not at the stage where I’m confident about being like that, being a body positive influencer, but there are so many out there which is really useful.”

And while the sisters have grown in confidence in their bodies, they have also developed their confidence in their careers, as they are no longer the ‘naïve’ 20-year-olds they were when they moved to the Mallorca villa almost three years ago swaggered .

Discussing the lessons they’ve learned since rising to fame, Jess explained, “When I first came out of the mansion I didn’t know the industry, I just went with the flow and there were other people that I came across could rely on me to make the decisions for you.

“Now I just think this is my career, it’s my choice what direction it goes. I’m a little more prone to stepping on the gas pedal, saying no to things I don’t want to do and doing things I really want to do.’

With numerous brand partnerships under their belt, almost two million combined Instagram followers and a thriving modeling career, Jess and Eve opened up about how they “fell naturally” into their careers — and they couldn’t be happier.

“We saw the kind of career you could make out of it and we thought we liked it,” Eve explained. “We really just learned while you’re at it and now we’re just focused on being the best we can be. It happened of course. It helps that we enjoy it, it’s a good career. We can make money with it.”

But with fame unfortunately comes negativity, with the girls being no stranger to their share of naysayers — especially early in their Love Island experience, with dad Brian often jumping to her defense.

Explaining how she deals with trolls, Jess said: “On my own Instagram you can filter out words and that has prevented a lot of trolls from taking notice of me. Now I feel like trolling is less on my Instagram.

“I used to look at bad comments, but now I honestly think there’s no point in torturing myself. I’m pretty immune to it now, but I honestly don’t even check it.

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