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‘Love Is Blind”s Jessica Batten elopes with Benjamin McGrath at the Santa Barbara courthouse

Jessica Batten revealed in an interview with Brides on Friday that she eloped with now-husband Benjamin McGrath in Santa Barbara last August.

The 38-year-old reality TV personality and her husband, 36, held an intimate wedding ceremony, held at the Santa Barbara courthouse, which was attended by only two other couples.

The media character previously garnered attention for leaving her former partner, Mark Cuevas, at the altar during production of the first season of Love Is Blind.

Batten and McGrath spoke to the outlet and expressed that they decided that, logistically, it would be a better decision to flee.

“Considering the timing we are looking for in terms of family planning, we came to the conclusion that we would elope in 2022 and make big plans for a celebration in the future,” they said.

The happy couple then commented that their wedding went smoothly.

“We had everything completely under control and the wedding planners were dialed in so that we could only concentrate on our special day. We felt very present and relaxed, really able to enjoy every moment,” they said.

Batten and McGrath also revealed they spent the night before the wedding apart to build anticipation for their ceremony.

They explained: “It has allowed us both butterflies to finally see each other again after what felt like an eternity and a great accumulation of the moment!”

The couple said they wrote their vows during the evening, explaining, “It always gave us a chance to clear our heads and be really introspective about the vows we were going to exchange and the feelings that we wanted to share.”

Batten and McGrath then recalled driving away from the ceremony in a vintage Porsche while a bagpiper accompanied their friends.

“It was a very special way to enjoy those first moments as husband and wife,” they said.

Although the couple’s loved ones were not present at the event, they kept in touch with their respective relatives during the ceremony and said, “We really felt the support of our families that day.”

Batten and McGrath went on to say that they partied with his children after the event and planned to include them in their formal ceremony, which is set to take place in August 2024.

“We had a magical wedding picnic with them and they will both be a big part of our extended celebration,” they said.

The former of the couple previously dated Cuevas, who she dated during the first season of Love Is Blind.

Batten received a lot of attention after leaving her former fiancé at the altar at the end of the episodes.

The couple apologized to each other during the Love Is Blind reunion special, and Cuevas tied the knot earlier this month with now-wife Aubrey Rainey, with whom he has two sons.

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