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Love at First Lie Recap: Who’s Going Home in Episode 1?

Can you tell a real pair from a fake? MTV’s new relationship mystery competition series love at first lie puts the actors’ BS detection skills to the test. Eight couples are brought together in a villa in Malta, where they believe they are entering a competition that will test their relationship. But in reality some couples are fakes aiming to cheat the real couples out of their chance to win a huge cash prize.

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In which love at first lie Series premiere, host Tori Spelling introduces the eight couples who compete on the show. Here’s who they are (or who they claim to be):

First of all, it begins im friendly love at first lie A house.

“I think everyone in here is nice,” explains Jake. “All these couples, every single couple we’ve met.”

But as the cast begins to take a closer look at the other couples’ relationships, cracks appear and suspicions rise. A truth-telling game only adds to the excitement.

Riani and Chantz don’t buy Yuriy and Alicia’s overly sophisticated responses, which they describe as “planned and boring.” Cece and Reasey’s revelation that they are both virgins leaves everyone else stunned. And when Monica and Josh are challenged to reveal a secret about themselves, it’s not exactly mind-blowing.

“So our secret is that we’re super big foodies,” Monica says, adding that she likes Oreos and he likes donuts. This ultra-boring answer has Karla declaring them “incomplete” and Riani thinks they’ve blown their cover. (Honestly, we agree. Josh and Monica have no chemistry and exude a vibe as if they met five minutes before filming began.)

But things really get awkward when Chantz starts speculating about Yuriy’s sexuality. Yuriy takes it easy, but Jake is in turmoil. The situation leads to a nasty confrontation when it comes time for the couples to vote on who they think is lying about their relationship.

Everyone has a theory about who the liars are, and they get a chance to share it at the truth ceremony. Each couple casts a vote for whoever they believe is not telling the truth, and the couple with the most votes is eliminated. If the eliminated couple lies, $25,000 is added to the prize fund. If not, no money is added and the price stays at $0.

Yuriy and Alicia go first and vote to eliminate Chantz and Riani. Cece and Reasy vote for Josh and Monica. Unsurprisingly, Jake and Alfie also vote for Chantz and Riani. This leads to an argument between the couples, which escalates when Chantz mistakes Jake.

Once the dust has settled, voting will resume. Chantz and Riani get revenge by voting for Jake and Alfie. Brian and Karla vote for Monica and Josh, who they think are “awkward.” Monica and Josh also vote for Chantz and Riani, as does Annabell and Joe.

Chantz and Riani are eliminated with four votes. Now it’s time for the moment of truth. Are Chantz and Riani a real couple or were they just faking it for the cameras?

Luckily, the other couples’ ability to smell BS is strong. Chantz and Riani are not together. They are actually BFFs. And Chantz, who has been criticized for questioning Yuriy’s heterosexuality, reveals he is gay. He apologizes to his competitor for the step he took to divert attention from himself.

A pair of liars is gone. But among the remaining seven couples, there are still a few lurking. Who will be revealed next? Find out as new episodes of love at first lie will continue to air Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET on MTV.

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